10 best French Onion Soup Bowls for all your soup cravings

French onion soup is a classic recipe that can be found in kitchens all over the world. It is also one of the most delicious and satisfying meals you’ll ever eat. If you’re looking to spice up your kitchen, try our list of French onion soup bowls! These bowls are perfect for making your home look like a Michelin-star restaurant and can easily double as dessert bowls. There are plenty of ways to style your French onion soup bowl, but one of the best ways to style it is with a bread bowl. These bowls are made with brioche and can be topped with various toppings.

You need to be familiar with the most outstanding French onion soup bowls to enjoy various recipes and soups. When it comes to creating a memorable meal or lunch, it is the ideal accompaniment. In addition to their main course, a delicious soup is one of the most common accompaniments.

In addition to that, making appropriate use of this garnish does not call for a high level of culinary expertise. In the following, we provide an in-depth analysis of the top 10 French Onion Soup Bowls With Handles that can currently be purchased on the market. Therefore, acquiring the best bowls will not be a difficult chore at all.

Image Product Details   Price
Best Onion Soup Bowl Best Ceramic Soup Bowls with Handles Bowl Material: Porcelain
Number of Pieces: 4
Brand: Bruntmor
Color: Black
Capacity: 1.2 Pounds
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Best Onion Soup Bowl LE TAUCI French Onion Soup Bowls With Handles Bowl Material: Ceramic
Number of Pieces: 4
Color: Blue
Capacity: 15 Ounces
Pattern: Solid
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French Onion Soup Bowls Gibson French Onion Soup Crock Bowls with Handles Bowl Material: Porcelain
Number of Pieces: 6
Brand: Gibson
Capacity: 16 Ounces
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French Onion Soup Bowls French Onion Soup Crocks Bowl Material: Ceramic
Number of Pieces: 4
Brand: KooK
Color: Brown/White
Capacity: 1.1 Pounds
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French Onion Soup Bowls Kook French Onion Soup Crocks Bowl Material: Ceramic
Number of Pieces:
1.1 Pounds
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French Onion Soup Bowls Ecodesign Bowls – Set of 4 – Brown and Ivory French Onion Soup Bowls Bowl Material: Porcelain
Number of Pieces:
300 Milliliters
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French Onion Soup Bowls French Onion Crock Soup Bowls Set Bowl Material: Ceramic
Number of Pieces: 4
Brand: Furmaware
Color: Brown & Cream
Capacity: 12 Ounces
Pattern: Solid
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French Onion Soup Bowls Le Creuset Stoneware French Onion Soup Bowl Bowl Material: Stoneware
Number of Pieces: 1
Brand: Le Creuset
Color: Cerise
Shape: Round
Capacity: 16 Fluid Ounces
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French Onion Soup Bowls French Onion Soup Bowl, Crock Bowl Bowl Material: Ceramic
Number of Pieces: 2
Brand: Update International
Color: Two-Tone Color
Shape: Round
Capacity: 284 Milliliters
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French Onion Soup Bowls Fox Run 349 Run French Onion Soup Bowl with Lid Bowl Material: Stoneware
Number of Pieces: 1
Brand: Fox Run
Color: Brown
Style: French Onion Soup Bowl
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01. Best Ceramic Soup Bowls with Handles

This big pot is one of the best French onion soup crocks, suitable for every meal of the day. They are specifically a 19-ounce size with a clever shape that works for a wide range of soups and meals. It also includes a set of excellent bowls that everyone may use to cook.

These bowls were produced in this instance using top-notch porcelain. As a result, washing them all takes very little effort and is really simple. Another option is to use a dishwasher, which will make cleaning quicker and easier. Even the design has both classy and attractive elements.

Here, it is clear to see that the bowl is deep and large, making it ideal for any soup. In addition, this bowl is frequently used for soup, macaroni and cheese, stews, and chili. The degree of adaptability is thus very high.

For ideal balance, two handles have also been included here. So holding this bowl properly while making soup won’t be too tough. These bowls each have a unique interior hue. Your present cooking is perfectly complemented by the matte black exterior. Even baking a cake or lasagna can be done in one of these basins. Finally, it can be used for dessert, salad, soup, stew, or noodle bowls.


  • Ideal For Your Breakfast, Lunch Or Dinner: Attractive design, great quality, easy to handle, smart size with 19oz, able to handle the high temperature. Perfect for soups, pasta, stews or gravies, it holds the ideal serving size. It’s the best design for breakfast, lunch or dinner meals.
  • Matte Black Elegant Design: These French onion soup bowls with handles can be used for stew, salad, soup, noodle bowl or dessert etc. It’s also a perfect choice for pasta dishes; you can easily bake a pot pie or lasagna in the oven.
  • Versatile And Durable Set: The bowls are made great Quality porcelain. They are easy to clean and are dishwasher compatible. Classic and elegant design, it’s simple but elegant. The matte black makes it look classic and matches well with your existing dinnerware.
  • Hearty Soup Serving: It’s the right soup set for your table; it’s big and deep so holds the soup well without spilling. The matte black has an elegant look – attractive and sturdy. It’s versatile for many kinds of dishes – from soups, chillies, stews or mac n cheese.
  • Best For Soup Lovers: Porcelain Soup Bowls with Handles have two handles that give balance to the bowl set. The handles don’t get hot and are easy to hold. If you don’t have a decent soup bowl set, then these matte black soup bowls are what you must buy.

02. LE TAUCI French Onion Soup Bowls With Handles

These 15-ounce capacity French soup bowls are an additional excellent alternative that is both inexpensive and practical. Additionally, each bowl has a built-in handle intended to prevent issues. You may safely cook your soup in this bowl without mishaps or burns. Of course, this isn’t the only beneficial aspect we can point out.

In particular, it is a soup bowl suitable for many dishes. As a result, among many other possibilities, many people choose to prepare tortilla soup, cheese soup, shepherd’s pie, lobster, fish soup, shellfish, and meat stew. In other words, many more recipes are available here than just these bowls.

You’ll see that the layout of these top bowls enables you to polish every component that is included correctly. This is a fantastic technique to maximize the space in your kitchen cabinet. These units also include high-quality glazed ceramics, as if that weren’t enough. Therefore, stains and odours, whether severe or mild, won’t be an issue here.

Additionally, this surface resistance makes cleaning very simple and quick. The ceramic is undoubted of the highest calibre and heat-resistant. The maximum temperature these bowls can sustain is 482 degrees Fahrenheit. Your refrigerator and microwave oven can both use these units. Finally, the side handle on the French onion soup bowls makes it simple to hold and comfortable to use.


  • 【Why do you need two holes on the handles?】The two-hole design enables water to drain out. We used to have only one hole on the handle. However, many customers said water was trapped in the handle after cleaning. So we updated it to a two-hole version. After cleaning, you could try to drain the water through the two holes.
  • 【Multi use kitchen stars】 Although it is originally and specifically designed for French Onion Soup it is also for chili, beef stew, bouillon, seafood bisque, chowder, lobster bisque, shepherds pie, cheese soup, tortilla soup, and more. 15 OZ soup bowl is an ideal size to make everyone enjoy their own soup without worrying over-eat.
  • 【Stackable & space-saving】 Highly stackable and they cozy up comfortably in the cabinets. The glazed ceramic is resistant to odor and stains which can last for years. The glazed bottoms make it easy to clean. Just pop them in the dishwasher.
  • 【Convenient design】 The french onion soup bowls come with side handle, make your onion soup bowl easy-to-grip and comfortable to use. When your soup bowls comes out from the heat of oven, you can simply grab the handle with your oven mitts.
  • 【Reliable ceramic quality】The ceramic product is high-fire using natural clay, water and gas. It’s made to tolerate high temperatures up to 482°F. Fridge safe and microwave/oven safe. Compared to plastic or stainless steel one, ceramic is free of heavy metals and doesn’t absorb food odors or flavors.

03. Gibson French Onion Soup Crock Bowls with Handles

This four-piece kit is one of the most user-friendly alternatives available right now. Each of these four onion soup bowl ovens is incredibly user-friendly and practical. The design aims to maximize space in your kitchen cabinets first. To prepare a range of recipes, you will always have these bowls available.

It also comes in 4 pieces, each of which holds 15 ounces. For making French onion soup, such capacity is more than sufficient. Of course, you can use the same dishes for a vast range of other recipes as well. In other words, there is more than enough variety present.

Each of these bowls includes a robust handle for easier user use. Consequently, this keeps this bowl area from overheating at high temperatures. These four bowls can be used in the kitchen, the microwave, and the oven, which is still quite significant here. Thus, this bowl set is more than just a collection of beautiful bowls.

It is also important to point out that its sophisticated and timeless design has a top cover. Using this lid, you can keep all the flavours and fragrances when cooking. The lid has a little hole in it to prevent the buildup of steam and pressure. As a result, you can prepare fancy dishes for each of your trips using just these bowls.

04. French Onion Soup Crocks

Using these justifications makes eating French onion soup unquestionably much more pleasant. These bowls are made chiefly of durable, high-quality ceramic materials. For that reason, this is a collection of 4 appliances that work with your oven or microwave. As a result, you don’t need to make things more complicated by using additional pots.

Furthermore, these four parts now have two handles, as if that weren’t enough. Since the bowl may now be moved much more quickly while cooking, a perfect and understated design should be added to this feature as well. For inviting and comfortable kitchens, the colour scheme may be ideal.

Here, four bowls can hold a combined 18 ounces. In typically, this is sufficient to provide the family with the best. You can only use the minimal capacity if you don’t use the total capacity. The bowl’s shape indicates that 12 ounces of accommodation are the maximum used here.

The high quality of the ceramic is advantageous not only for the firing process but also vital to note at this point. Here, you’ll see that these French onion soup crocks may be cleaned quickly and easily and do the trick. So, pick this alternative if you’re seeking a bowl with homemade soups and excellent functionality.


  • ✔️ Soups, Stews & More: Perfect for cooking up pot pies, chili, stews, casseroles, or our personal favorite; gooey, cheesy French Onion.
  • ✔️ Oven to Table: Cook ‘n serve! Each crock is designed with two large, comfort-grip handles for easy and safe carrying.
  • ✔️ Hand Painted: Add a rustic flair to your dinner table. Part of our Puebla collection, this set is crafted from traditional stoneware painted in rich and creamy tones.
  • ✔️ Stack & Store: Designed with an 18 ounce capacity that’s perfect for personal portions. These bowls are made from durable ceramic that’s oven, dishwasher, microwave and freezer safe for maximum convenience.
  • ✔️ The Kook Promise: We’ve carefully packaged these French Onion Crocks in custom polyfoam molds to ensure it arrives in perfect condition.

05. Kook French Onion Soup Crocks

To get stove safe dishes for french onion soup made with high strength ceramics thinking about this option is fundamental. In this way, these dishes can be extremely effective to cook an extraordinary assortment and amount of recipes. Indeed, even any individual or cook will see that utilizing a bowl is extremely simple.

Specifically, every one of these dishes has a conveying handle for usability in the kitchen. You will have the chance of having a limit of 18 ounces for French onion soup and different recipes. Many individuals likewise pick this bowl for fish, prepared food, shrimp, lobster, stock, meat stew, stew, and the sky is the limit from there.

You may likewise see that these dishes are enhanced with a dark red tone. Red is frequently utilized by cafés to permit individuals to eat more and partake in their food. For that reason these dishes will be generally welcomed in numerous kitchens to cook dazzling and scrumptious dishes.

The fantastic nature of these dishes permits you to involve them in the microwave, cooler, barbecue, stove, or dishwasher. The high flexibility that every one of these dishes can offer depends on these attributes. As soon as, involving these dishes for the pleasure of your family or guests will be extremely simple.

06. Ecodesign Bowls and Ivory French Onion Soup bowls

For the people who wish to partake in an exemplary piece of individual French onion soup, these dishes are accessible. Here you get a standard limit of 10 ounces or an all out limit of 12 ounces in each bowl. As a general rule, this is all that could possibly be needed with regards to partaking in a sound and dazzling piece of the best soup.

Likewise included are 4 napkins made of plug. This can be the ideal supplement to various inconspicuous and exemplary foods. Thusly, these 4 white dishes are fantastic for partaking in a first course or a starter. Specifically, a delicate white tone is extremely wonderful and doesn’t blur over the long haul.

Obviously, great earthenware materials have been consolidated here for the production of these dishes. In this manner, you can involve every one of these units in a microwave or a stove. This is an incredible chance to integrate some barbecued cheddar into your recipe inside a similar bowl. Then again, great qualities are not just seen in the kitchen.

You will see that it requires next to no investment and work to clean these dishes totally. You might utilize your dishwasher so you burn through no time cleaning. At long last, the plan of these dishes permits you to stack them and save space in your cabinet. Thus, this is an exceptionally helpful choice for some kitchens.

07. French Onion Crock Soup Bowls Set

A great method for intriguing your visitors or relatives is by utilizing these french onion soup bowls. For this situation, they are 4 solid soup bowls that can offer 12 ounces of limit each. Thus, in addition to the fact that this is an exquisite choice the ideal supplement to a supper or lunch.

Top notch materials have been integrated into the assembling system. That is the reason you can involve every one of these four pieces in your microwave or broiler. These French onion soup bowls can likewise be utilized in a wide assortment of recipes. Thus, you can essentially show all your innovativeness to partake in a wide assortment of food varieties.

A work of art and exceptionally decent plan has likewise been consolidated to commend your cooking. It is a vessel plan with three principal tones. So, it is an ideal bowl to finish a really enjoyable kitchen.

As though that were sufficiently not, these dishes can not just give high strength and long life. Likewise a bunch of 4 pieces are extremely simple to wash and are additionally viable with your dishwasher. Thus, indeed, this is the best touch to partake in a remarkable supper or lunch. At long last, french onion soup for all intents and purposes with pudding, heated merchandise, stews, pies, fish bisque, and prepared apples.


  • 16-ounce French-onion soup bowl made of high-fired stoneware
  • Non-porous enamel finish; resists odors, staining, chipping, and cracking
  • Uniquely shaped, easy-grip handle for secure lifting and carrying
  • Dishwasher-safe; oven-safe up to 500 degrees F
  • Measures approximately 2.4 IN 7.9 IN 5.1 IN

08. Le Creuset Stoneware French Onion Soup Bowl

Some of the time, individuals can depend on just a single bowl to appreciate great French onion soup. One of the most mind-blowing choices is this bowl which gives a limit of 16 ounces inside. Thus, to offer the ideal detail for a significant supper or lunch this bowl can be the most fitting.

You will have the chance of cooking an amazing assortment of recipes without stressing over incidental effects. All in all, this bowl has a non-permeable lacquer finish. For that reason breaks, chips, stains, and scents that might show up over the long haul are absent here.

A uniquely planned grasp handle has likewise been added. This is a simple grasp handle for conveying food securely during cooking. Thus, the plan of this piece of the bowl keeps the temperature from developing excessively. Subsequently, you will actually want to hold the bowl securely and dependably.

At last, a bowl has been made with materials of great obstruction. Along these lines, you can go through this bowl in a stove to 500 degrees Fahrenheit. Obviously, when you clean it, just put this bowl in your dishwasher. Along these lines, you won’t sit around and your bowl will be perfect.


  • ELEGANT ARTISTIC DESIGN: Impress your guests or customers with the beauty and durability of this set of 4 – 12 ounce soup bowl crocks.
  • OVEN, MICROWAVE AND DISHWASHER SAFE: These beautiful and durable French Onion soup crocks perform perfectly in all conditions. Great housewarming gift.
  • VIBRANT COLORS: The tri color brown and beige French onion soup bowl hues are unmistakable in these bowls.
  • RESTAURANT QUALITY SOUP BOWLS: Customers will be impressed with both the ease of holding weight and durability of these French onion soup bowls.
  • NARROW RIBBED BODY: Made from ceramic glazed stoneware equally suitable for a French onion soup as it is with pudding, baked goods, stews, pies, seafood bisque, baked apples and much more.

09. French Onion Soup Bowl, Crock Bowl

Here we can view as one more of the most amiable and most wonderful choices with regards to partaking in a scrumptious soup. Specifically, it is a bunch of two dishes with a limit of 10 ounces each. This will permit you to partake in a private and close supper with someone else.

An overall quite inconspicuous plan has been consolidated here with a blend of various earthy colored tones. The plan of these dishes even gives the fitting method for cooking French onion soup and other comparable recipes. Moreover, the materials utilized are likewise of incredible quality and strength.

In this way, on the off chance that important you can involve these dishes in your broiler or microwave. You can basically utilize these equivalent dishes to serve the soup to your visitors. The size of these dishes is additionally ideal for saving space in your kitchen. You can basically stack one bowl on top of the other and save a great deal of room.

At long last, the brilliant nature of these dishes keeps food from adhering a lot to the surface. That is the reason this isn’t a bowl that is too hard to even consider cleaning. You might involve your dishwasher for proficient cleaning without with nothing to do.

10. Fox Run French Onion Soup Bowl with Lid

With regards to finding one of the most mind-blowing french onion soup vessels, you ought to investigate this choice. Here we can begin by referencing that it is one of the absolute most complete and productive dishes among those that anyone could hope to find available. Specifically, a strong development incorporates a plan with earthy colored tones.

To that end it is the best supplement for some kitchens. Also, the high opposition of this construction permits you to cook utilizing your broiler or microwave. Consequently, it is an ideal chance to cook various soups. Regardless of whether you need to barbecue cheddar to partake in a first hors d’oeuvre this bowl can be great.

Specifically, a bowl gives a limit of 16 ounces inside. It is likewise conceivable to see that the hold handle makes it simple for anybody to cook. Thus, here it won’t be important to have extraordinary abilities in the kitchen to partake in a delectable dinner.

At last, a top cover has likewise been consolidated which can be helpful during preparing or the dinner. Utilize this stage to keep up with the kinds of the soup during the creation of soups. This equivalent cover can likewise be utilized to keep the soup warm during supper or lunch. Beyond a shadow of a doubt, one of the present best stove safe soup bowls. It’s made of brown coated stoneware. Additionally, it’s perfect for individual servings of messy, stove prepared macintosh and cheddar, best stew, shepherd’s pie, and fish bisque.

Features and Factors to Consider When Buying a French Onion Soup Bowl

When it comes time to select the ideal bowl, the following characteristics will be beneficial.


Of course, the most crucial factor to take into account is capacity. You may get a minimum capacity of 10 ounces from smaller bowls. Additionally, 18-ounce capacity bowls are readily available. This determines the number of guests at your table.


The problem of stains and persistent odours can be effectively avoided by using bowls with maximum strength and durability. Naturally, this calls for sturdy, premium ceramic for the bowls.


This quality is comparable to durability. Thanks to a high-strength construction, you may use your bowls in a grill, an oven, a microwave, or a basic stove. So this makes it much easier to prepare other recipes, like French onion soup.


The condition of each bowl’s surface is another crucial factor. The most excellent products on the market keep meals from being overly sticky. Cleaning will therefore be much simpler and quicker here. Even dishwasher compatibility can be taken into account when selecting a soup bowl.


Last but not least, we should point out that each bowl has one or more grip handles. There are specific bowls that have a minimal handle for a grip. This has a significant bearing on the ultimate layout of each unit. Even in this case, the color scheme is mentioned, which can help your kitchen look even better.

The Need for a Soup Bowl

Soup bowls are a must in any kitchen to make it functional. No other additions would be more appropriate to round up lunch or dinner. Even the most effective soup bowls are adaptable and let you prepare various dishes. A cup of soup will enable you to indulge in more delectable meals.


I hope you enjoyed reading this post as much as I did writing it. I enjoy cooking and believe the best way to bring people together is through great food. Plus, cooking is a healthy hobby — it’s an inexpensive and low-impact form of exercise. And if you love food as I do, then chances are you’ll love these French onion soup bowls with handles and lids!

You know the saying: “It’s not done until my kitchen sparkles. ” My kitchen has never sparkled this much. These French onion soup bowls with handles and lids are the perfect gift for a newlywed couple or even an experienced cook. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve burned my arm with hot soup spilling on top of trays and overhead cabinets.

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