Garlic Presses

How to choose the right garlic press for your kitchen

Garlic is the mysterious fixing to such countless delectable appetizing dishes. Simply ask the expert culinary specialists. A decent garlic press is a high priority utensil for each home and kitchen, which is the reason we’ve found the absolute best garlic presses to purchase right now. Are you hoping to upgrade your recipes and bring out delicious flavors? Then, at that point, we suggest adding a bit of garlic. Simply a clove or two can have a major effect.

However, with regards to making home-cooked, flavorsome food, the last thing you need is to go through such a large number of valuable minutes cleaving garlic cloves, cleaning inadequately planned garlic presses or, much more dreadful, attempting to scour areas of strength for the of garlic off of your fingers.

That is the reason we’ve explored the absolute best garlic presses accessible, so you don’t need to. Drawing on suggestions from Mumsnet discussions and other believed survey locales, our assortment of first rate garlic squeezes offers something for each financial plan and kitchen.

Garlic Presses
Image Product Details   Price
Garlic Press Set OXO Good Grips Garlic Press Material: Zinc
Colour: Black
Brand: OXO
Item weight: 0.85 Pounds
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Garlic Press Set Ikea KONCIS Garlic Press Stainless Steel 16 cm Show Material: Stainless Steel
Colour: As Picture Show
Brand: Ikea
Weight: 200 Grams
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Garlic Press Set Rösle 12895 Rosle USA Garlic Press Material: Stainless Steel
Colour: Silver
Brand: RÖSLE
Item weight; 0.35 Kilograms
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Garlic Press Set The Garlic Twist- The 4th Generation – Green Colour: Green
Brand: Next
Item weight: 0.4 Pounds
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Garlic Press Set Joseph Joseph 20062 Rocker Garlic Crusher – Green Material: Stainless Steel
Colour: Green
Brand: Joseph Joseph
Item weight: 0.05 Kilograms
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Garlic Press Set Joseph Joseph CleanForce Garlic Press Crusher with powerful Product Dimensions: 5.99 x 4.19 x 16 cm; 152 Grams
Item weight : 152 Grams
Item model number: 20179
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Garlic Press Set Electric Mini Garlic Chopper, Small Food chopper Brand: XIAOCAI
Colour: Garlic Chopper
Power: 30 watts
Material: Stainless Steel
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Garlic Press Set Yoboo® Garlic Press Garlic Crusher Material: Stainless Steel
Colour: Sliver
Brand: Yoboo
Item weight: 130 Grams
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01. OXO Good Grips Garlic Press

Garlic Presses

“OXO Great Grasps is great. It turns around and presses the remaining parts out so it’s not difficult to clean. The IKEA one is a piece hard to clean on the off chance that it’s dried a little.” ShinyNewStart

“Great Grasps garlic press. I use it consistently. It has a flawless small doofer that disposes of the gunge. Any remaining garlic presses are [rubbish].” Badgertadger

The Oxo Great Grasps is a famous decision among Mumsnetters as this durable press makes pulverizing garlic a breeze. With delicate, elastic, non-slip handles that are curved for solace and convenience, this garlic press is great for any kitchen.

We love that it can push garlic through with only one press of the handles. It’s likewise sufficiently open to smash a few cloves of garlic at the same time.

The inherent opening cleaner implies that the Oxo Great Grasps Garlic Press is not difficult to clean. You should simply flip the handles over to wipe out any garlic buildup. The removable press confine makes for simple cleaning as well. Furthermore, the best part is that it’s dishwasher-safe.


  • Soft, rubber handles absorb pressure on hands
  • Handles are nonslip, wet or dry
  • Garlic is pressed through with one squeeze
  • Built-in hole cleaner
  • Dishwasher-safe

02. Ikea KONCIS Garlic Press Stainless Steel 16 cm Show

Garlic Presses

The ones from IKEA are astounding… the cycle ones. They are areas of strength for really don’t rust or break. Dishwasher-verification as well.” Rugbycomet

“The IKEA ones I’d depend on.” Seekingsolace2

This financial plan accommodating KONCIS Garlic Press from IKEA is a basic and powerful cooking ware that makes smashing garlic cloves simpler than any time in recent memory. Additionally, notwithstanding the deal value, this hardened steel press is both strong and tough.

No-faff garlic presses are a unique advantage and, fortunately, this one offers only that as you don’t have to strip the garlic prior to setting it in the presser. The lightweight idea of the KONCIS Garlic Press additionally makes it simple to utilize.

With regards to cleaning, you can eliminate the addition, permitting you to get to all the extra buildup. In any case, as per the IKEA site, this garlic press isn’t dishwasher-safe, so you’ll have to make sure to handwash this one as it were.


  • Garlic press
  • Model number: 000.891.63

03. Rösle 12895 Rosle USA Garlic Press

Garlic Presses

Assuming that you’re searching for a durable garlic press that is not difficult to utilize and requires negligible smashing power, then the Rösle Garlic Press is exactly what you really want.

Stripping garlic cloves can be fiddly, however fortunately this garlic press implies you don’t have to strip them yourself. Basically place the unpeeled cloves in the smasher and press the handles together. When opened once more, you’ll be left with impeccably squashed garlic and the skin abandoned.

One more helpful element of the Rösle Garlic Press is the overlap out matrix which guarantees the press is not difficult to clean. The pragmatic hanging circle is great for putting away it on a kitchen rack, but on the other hand it’s dishwasher-safe.


  • Materials: Stainless steel 18/10 (hygienic and taste-neutral), length 20 cm
  • Easily crushes peeled and unpeeled garlic cloves and fresh ginger
  • Grid with 44 offset conical holes for optimum crushing performance
  • Specially designed lever for easy crushing with minimal force required; As the press is opened, the scraper pushes the crushed garlic together, causing it to drop
  • Fold-out grid for easy cleaning under running water; Dishwasher-safe.

04. The Garlic Twist- The 4th Generation – Green

Garlic Presses

The honor winning Garlic Curve is a number one in numerous kitchens, and seeing why is simple. Disregard utilizing your solidarity to crush garlic cloves as this helpful little contraption just expects you to turn the cover to and fro to accomplish impeccably minced garlic.

The item is not difficult to utilize, and that implies it’s great for everybody, particularly the people who have joint pain. You can likewise utilize the Garlic Wind to cut and mince different fixings, for example, ginger and shallots finely.

Besides the fact that the Garlic Contort simple to is use, but on the other hand it’s not difficult to clean. You can pass on it to absorb warm lathery water, wash off any garlic buildup and afterward pass on it to dry. Or on the other hand you can put it in the dishwasher.


  • Winner of six industry awards
  • Featured item in many top magazines like newsweek, food network, and allyou
  • International products have separate terms, are sold from abroad and may differ from local products, including fit, age ratings, and language of product, labeling or instructions.

05. Joseph Joseph 20062 Rocker Garlic Crusher – Green

Garlic Presses

The Rocker™ Garlic Smasher is an incredible option in contrast to the conventional garlic press. Rather than pulverizing the garlic with handles, you drive it to and fro off the rocker to make minced garlic.

It makes insignificant fight with regards to mincing a few cloves of garlic, as you don’t have to continue to open up the jaws of the press for every clove (as you do with customary pressers).

Some garlic presses are fiddly while you’re getting the garlic in the container, yet this one can be gathered and added to your dish effortlessly. As well as being not difficult to utilize, the Rocker™ Garlic Smasher is additionally simple to clean and is dishwasher-safe.


  • Crush garlic by pushing and rocking back and forth over cloves
  • Crushed garlic collected in bowl shaped design
  • Can easily be scooped into pan
  • Easy to clean
  • Dishwasher safe.

06. Joseph Joseph CleanForce Garlic Press Crusher with powerful

Garlic Presses

Highlighting a wiper edge and a scratching instrument, the Joseph CleanForce Garlic Press is a strong, simple to crush and simple to clean contraption.

The wiper sharp edges are trigger-worked and assist with eliminating the squashed garlic, so you will not get the smell of garlic all around your fingers. The cleaning apparatus assists with scratching away extra garlic buildup and can be put away conveniently away in the handle after use.

The Joseph CleanForce Garlic Press is dishwasher-safe or you can wash it manually.


  • Powerful, easy-squeeze mechanism
  • Easy-clean design
  • Trigger-operated wiper blade removes crushed garlic
  • Handy cleaning tool for removing trapped garlic and skin from crushing plate
  • Cleaning tool stores neatly inside handle.

07. Electric Mini Garlic Chopper, Small Food chopper

Garlic Presses

An elective decision to utilizing a garlic press is a small scale food processor, similar to the Electric Little Garlic Chopper by ‎XIAOCAI. This conservative and strong processor accompanies three inherent 304 food-grade tempered steel sharp edges. Because of the strong sharp edges, it can easily hack, mix and mince a few fixings, including garlic, ginger and chillies.

Assuming you battle to utilize customary garlic presses or need something that saves investment, then, at that point, the Electric Small Garlic Chopper is exactly what you want. Controlled by a battery-powered USB battery, this remote food processor just expects you to press a button to get squashed garlic.

Other striking highlights are that it can hold 250ml and has a speed of 1800 rpm, so will create extraordinary outcomes in a matter of moments by any stretch of the imagination. Dismantling and clean the holder, cover and blades is likewise simple.


  • 【Electric Mini Food Processor】The electric mini garlic chopper using 304 food grade stainless steel blades,so that the food is more evenly chopped,strong and powerful for efficient cutting. The vegetable chopper has 3 built-in 304 food grade stainless steel blades that are more resistant to rust and corrosion. The bottom cutting blade has a 45 degree angle and the speed is as high as 1800rpm to realize 8s fast all-round cutting for better chopping and blending.
  • 【Easy and Quick Chop】Just put the ingredients in the mini garlic masher and press one button for a few seconds to mince the food. Compare to a traditional manual garlic shredder, this wireless electric small garlic chopper will save much more time and energy. Which can easily chopping garlic nuts, ginger, garlic, onion and other vegetables and other common ingredients within 10s. This 8.45oz (250ml) small electric chopper is taking advantage of compact volume, portable, space-saving.
  • 【Unique USB Charging】It can get charged by any USB port device.Powered by battery, USB rechargeable. Only charge it 3 hours for lasting 25 times. Electric Garlic Cutter comes with power 30w, which is more efficient and faster. 3 stainless steel blades design allows the upper and lower blades to evenly mixing and slap chop food from every angle of 360 degrees.
  • 【Special Design】Our garlic machine ergonomic design with safety lock, the magnetic suction induction device ensures the cup must align with the main engine and the device will not start without closing the cover correctly. As the cup body and cover are separable and the food crusher waterproof, it is very easy to remove and clean them with water directly after chopping.
  • 【Tips for use】 Please charge it for the first use. Cut large pieces into small ones before using garlic blender and don’t overload it. For vegetables/fruits with hard skin, peel it off first. For meat, make sure it is boneless.Hard roots such as carrots, beetroots, celeries, etc. make sure to preboil them first.

08. Yoboo® Garlic Press Garlic Crusher

Garlic Presses

“This has really changed my garlic life. Preceding this I would continuously slash garlic to keep away from the difficult work of the customary smasher. Such a ton simpler to clean as well!” Mamainthemaking

Having the smell of garlic waiting on your fingers isn’t lovely. Fortunately, the Yoboo® Garlic Press accompanies a helpful peeler tube, and that implies you don’t have to mess around unpeeling cloves. It likewise accompanies a cleaning brush, which is great for cleaning and eliminating any difficult pieces of garlic.

Like the Joseph Rocker™ Garlic Smasher, recorded over, the Yoboo® Garlic Press rocker requires little work to accomplish squashed garlic. The circular segment shape and ergonomic handle add additional solace, hold and control, permitting you to shake the garlic press this way and that effectively over your cloves.

A few web-based surveys have reprimanded its solidness. In any case, Yoboo offers a year guarantee and 30-day unconditional promise, so you don’t have anything to lose by checking this one out.


  • 【PREMIUM MATERIAL】 New garlic press is very durable and made of premium 100% full 430 stainless steel. The peeler tube can peeling garlic quickly and cleaning easily. The cooking gadgets made of full stainless steel – 1 pcs can last a lifetime.
  • 【MECHANICAL DESIGN】 New garlic press rocker with arc shape and ergonomic handle can easily grip and control, squeezing garlic or ginger easier and faster. You just need to place the crusher on top of garlic clove to rock back and forth, saving your energy and time.
  • 【EASY TO USE & CLEAN】A compact size (4.2 x 2 x 2.6 inch, about 180g weight), which is portable and easy to store. Garlic is collected on the back-surface of the rocking garlic press, taking out them with a spoon, and rinse under running water or run through the dishwasher.
  • 【GARLIC PEELER】 Garlic press comes with 1pcs silicone garlic peeler and 1pcs cleaning brush. Just pop some garlic into the little black tube, roll it around for a bit, and you’ll be peeling your garlic without fear of getting any stink on your nails.
  • 【LABOR-SAVING DESIGN】 The garlic press rocker has a domed design that allows you to comfortably hold the handle of the garlic press for easy pressing. All you have to do is place the garlic cutter on the clove of garlic to rock back and forth, saving energy and time.