How to Choose the Best glass water filter pitcher for your needs

If you want to consider the best ways to filter your water, one of the ways is using a glass water filter pitcher. It makes it easy to carry around and even easier for you to use. Plus, it can be made from bamboo or recycled glass! Here are some of our favorite water filters that are perfect for your kitchen!

Bamboo Water Filter Pitcher: This BPA-free pitcher has an integrated fluoride filtration system that will remove all harmful chemicals and metals before passing through. The filter doesn’t need to be replaced so that you can enjoy filtered water for a lifetime. Plus, the bamboo design is really easy on the eyes!

Best Water Filtration Pitcher: This glass water filtration pitcher comes with a carbon-activated filter that will clean your tap water of chlorine and other chemicals without any harmful fluoride. It removes up to 99% of contaminants which makes it perfect for those who have sensitive skin and digestive systems. Plus, the pitcher is BPA-free and lead-free.

Best Water Filter Pitcher: This eco-friendly water filter pitcher offers a simple-to-use design that features 2 different-sized bottles; one for you to drink and the other for you to store! The carbon-activated filter removes any bacteria or chemical traces in your water. 

Image Product Details   Price
glass water filter SOMA 10-Cup Water Filter Pitcher Brand: SOMA
Color: White
Material: Plastic, Bamboo
Capacity: 5 Pounds
Check Price
glass water filter Brita Small 6 Cup Water Filter Pitcher with 1 Standard Filter Brand: Brita
Color: Turquoise
Material: Polystyrene
Item Weight: 15.8 ounces
Check Price
glass water filter Aquagear Water Filter Pitcher – Lead, Chlorine, PFOA/PFOS, Microplastics Filter Brand: Aquagear
Color: White
Capacity: 80 Fluid Ounces
Check Price
glass water filter Ph Vitality Stainless Steel Alkaline Water Pitcher Brand: Invigorated Water
Color: Silver
Material: Stainless Steel
Capacity: 1.9 Liters
Check Price
glass water filter ZeroWater ZR-0810-4, 10 Cup Round Water Filter Pitcher with Water Quality Meter Brand: ZeroWater
Color: White
Material: Plastic
Capacity: 2.4 Liters
Check Price
glass water filter Waterdrop 200-Gallon Long-Life Chubby 10-Cup Water Filter Pitcher with 1 Filter Brand: Waterdrop
Color: Blue
Material: Plastic
Capacity: 3.5 Liters
Check Price
glass water filter SimPure Water Filter Pitcher, 15 Cup Clearly Water BPA-Free Brand: SimPure
Color: White
Material: Plastic
Capacity: 3.5 Liters
Check Price
glass water filter Nakii Water Filter Pitcher – Long Lasting 150 Gallons Brand: Nakii
Color: White
Material: Lead free
Capacity: 150 Gallons
Check Price
glass water filter LifeStraw Home Water Filter Pitchers and Dispenser Brand: LifeStraw
Color: White
Material: Plastic
Capacity: 40 Gallons
Check Price
glass water filter Epic Nano Water Filter Pitchers for Drinking Water  Brand: Epic Water Filters
Color: Navy Blue
Material: Nanofiber
Capacity: 3.5 Liters
Check Price

01. SOMA 10-Cup Water Filter Pitcher

The Soma water filtration pitcher offers a stylish means of maintaining your are and your family’s health. Its huge 80-ounce capacity may store more than enough water for one person. It has an automated lid door that opens for simple pouring. Pouring water on the lid causes it to open, letting water into the reservoir without you having ever to touch it. Most impurities, including chlorine, mercury, copper, and others, will be eliminated as it goes through the filter.

The Soma water filtration pitcher is inexpensive yet has an upscale and sophisticated appearance. The water in this pitcher was excellent, and we liked using it so much that we kept returning for more. Unfortunately, because this pitcher filters the water so slowly, we frequently had to wait for more. However, that is insufficient to prevent this from being our favorite water filter pitcher overall, and it has thus received our highest endorsement. Overall, we believe that this water filtration pitcher is the best available.


  • FILTERED & TASTE-TESTED WATER PITCHER: This BPA-free, shatter-proof plastic pitcher filters your drinking water for improved taste and odour; the white jug is finished with a sustainable bamboo handle.
  • 2 MONTHS OF CLEAN FILTRATION: The pitcher is supplied with a Soma water filter which provides two months of clean, fresh and delicious drinking water with reduced cadmium, chlorine, mercury, copper, and zinc.
  • EASY FILLING: The filter lid door opens automatically for quick and easy filling without removing the lid. This filter jug has a 17oz (500ml) capacity and holds 10 glasses (80oz) of fresh filtered water.
  • FRIDGE TO TABLE: Keep your filtered water perfectly chilled in the refrigerator, then transfer the stylish pitcher straight to the table; this home essential measures 10.50″ x 9″ x 6.02″.
  • RENEWABLE DESIGN: Soma water filters are made from 60% plant-based and renewable materials (activated coconut shell carbon and charcoal), which means a lower carbon footprint.

02. Brita Small 6 Cup Water Filter Pitcher

It shouldn’t come as a surprise to see one of Brita’s water filter pitchers at the top of our list since it is one of the most well-known brands for in-home water filtering. As its name suggests, the Everyday water pitcher is great for daily usage. It has a typical 80-ounce capacity, which is more than enough for single people or small families. However, the provided filter only lasts for 40 gallons; therefore, if you have a large family, you might want to consider Brita’s Longlast filters.

The taste of the Brita water was fantastic. It consistently tastes fresh and crisp until the built-in indicator informs you that the filter’s life is ending. Brita filters are fortunately the most widely distributed and straightforward to find. Most likely, you’ll be able to pick them up locally while doing your regular shopping. The cost and simplicity of cleaning.


  • The slim Metro water pitcher with filter holds 6 cups of water, enough to fill 2 24-ounce reusable water bottles, and it is made without BPA.
  • Get great-tasting water without the waste; by switching to Brita, you can save money and replace 1,800 single-use plastic water bottles* a year.
  • This space-efficient Brita pitcher fits perfectly on refrigerator shelves, features an easy-fill locking lid and is easy to pour; Height of 9.8″; Width of 4.45″; Length/Depth of 9.37″; Weight of 1.39 pounds.
  • Brita is the #1 water filter** reducing chlorine (taste & odour), Mercury, Copper, Zinc and Cadmium; always get cleaner***, filtered water with an electronic indicator that makes filter reminders effortless
  • Compatible with Longlast and Standard water filters; for the freshest tasting water, replace your Longlast filter after 120 gallons or approximately every 6 months or Standard filter after 40 gallons or approximately every 2 months; *16.9 oz water bottle;**Based on IRI data.

03. Quagear Water Filter Pitcher

Although the price of this Aquagear water filter pitcher is considerable, we believe that the product’s amazing features and great quality justify the cost. It is one of the few water filter pitchers that can filter out lead and fluoride, for example. Additionally, the 150-gallon lifespan of the filter cartridges this pitcher utilizes means you won’t need to replace them frequently. According to Aquagear, its filters purge water of 2000% more impurities than Brita filters do. They even provide a lifetime guarantee since they are confident in their goods. They’ll repair your pitcher for free if it ever breaks! What fantastic client service!

The Aquagear water filtration pitcher is one of the more expensive solutions we examined, but we believe the price is justified. It was among our favorite pitchers overall and one of the only affordable options for fluoride filtration.


  • Hydrated You Is Happier You: Our filter not only lasts 3x longer than the competition but creates an unparalleled taste experience. Because when water tastes better, you drink more of it and feel better.
  • Next-Level Filtration: Our third-party tested filter successfully removes 2000% more contaminants than the leading competitor, including harmful contaminants like lead, chlorine, microplastics, trace pharmaceuticals, PFOA/PFOS, PFAS, and more. The proprietary Aquagear filter removes tap water contaminants while retaining healthy minerals like calcium and magnesium, which other filters strip out.
  • Cleaner Water For a Cleaner World: We believe in keeping waste out of our landfills and oceans. That’s why all Aquagear filters can be recycled. We’ll even send you a postage-paid label upon request, so all you have to do is package your used filter and drop it in the mail, and we’ll take care of the rest.
  • Donating Filters For Every Purchase: Through the Aquagear Foundation, we help build bio-sand filters for families in Tanzania without access to clean drinking water every time you purchase a filter or pitcher or recycle a used filter.
  • Guaranteed For Life. For Real. Your Aquagear water pitcher comes with our lifetime guarantee. If your pitcher ever breaks, we’ve got your back.

04. PH Vitality Stainless Steel Alkaline Water Pitcher

More than merely removing undesired contaminants, this alkaline water filter pitcher from Invigorated Water can help you live a healthier life. Additionally, it can add ionizing minerals to your water to increase its alkalinity and provide you with the enhanced advantages of drinking alkaline water. Drop the provided filter bag into the water pitcher, which will take care of the rest. Replacement filter bags are simple to locate but are quite expensive. Nevertheless, each lasts more than 100 gallons, so it’s a good investment.

We adore this pitcher’s svelte stainless-steel body. Although it is quite pricey, you get what you pay for. It’s one of our favorite water filtration pitchers overall, but it doesn’t provide quite as much as the three products that came before it in our recommendations.


  • PITCHER FILTER FOR HIGH PH ALKALINE WATER – Made with premium quality steel, our ph Vitality Alkaline Water Pitcher is equipped with our unique on-the-go filter pouch. Its proprietary 10+ filter materials blend and filter out harmful materials such as lead & chlorine easily while letting vital minerals like calcium & magnesium through. Its ionizing filtration system softens water & increases its alkalinity up to ph10, giving you pure, odourless drinking water without worry.
  • CONVENIENT, MODERN DESIGN, EASY TO USE – Built in a sleek steel design, our vitality filter jug is safe, reliable and super easy to use and store. Its innovative curved design makes it highly suitable for every occasion, whether a casual family dinner, a social gathering or even an outdoor pool party. Fill the pitcher with tap water and enjoy refreshing, great-tasting water with utmost ease.
  • HUGE FILTER CAPACITY AT A GREAT VALUE – Each pH Vitality Alkaline water pitcher filter can filter up to 1.9 litres of water, making it ideal for home, office, and outdoor use. Its on-the-go filter pouch can filter up to 1700 cups / 105 gallons / 400 litres of water throughout its lifetime and ensure long-lasting filter life and usability. Be it for drinking, cooking, or brewing coffee or tea, our vitality filter is surely an effective and affordable solution to keeping you and your family healthy!
  • TESTED FOR HIGH QUALITY & SAFETY – Made from the best quality BPA-free food grade materials, our filters are TUV and SGS. Tested with a backed brand membership of The Water Quality Association. Save money and the planet by eliminating packaged plastic water usage while enjoying crystal clear purified water any time of the day!
  • 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE, BUY WITH CONFIDENCE – We are committed to providing you with the best yet most affordable products. We put so much thought and care into our products that we are confident you will love them. However, if the product is not to your satisfaction, contact us for a full refund, no questions asked!

05. 10 Cup Round Water Filter Pitcher with Water Quality Meter

We had high expectations for the ZeroWater filter pitcher because of its excellent reviews. It is a five-stage filter pitcher that is reasonably priced. You can tell they mean business because it even has a tester for measuring total dissolved solids on top. But it doesn’t feel as well as some of the other pitchers we tested, and the general build quality is poor. The filters are also quite sluggish but significantly lower the water’s TDS levels.

We had to replace the filters frequently because they only lasted for approximately two weeks each. Although that is a little inconvenient, the ZeroWater filter did have a cool and unique feature. You don’t have to take this pitcher out of the fridge to pour a drink because it has a push-button spout on the back. We found this to be a kind extra that is well thought out.


  • 10 Cup water filtering pitcher: you’ll always have cleaner, pure-tasting water on hand with our space-saving filter pitcher in your fridge. The included free water quality meter lets you test your Water, so you never have to wonder about its quality.
  • Five-stage water filtration: Unlike many water filters & pitchers, Zero Water filters use 5 stages of filtration to bring you cleaner, better-tasting water. Instead of carbon filtering only, our filters use Ion exchange technology to reduce contaminants.
  • Not an ordinary water filter: Zero Water filters filter Water in 5 stages and are NSF certified to reduce lead and other heavy metals. Zero Water removes 99.6% of total dissolved solids, 2x more than the leading brand (tested by an independent lab).
  • Get more out of your Water: remove more impurities from your Water with a Zero Water unique, 5-stage filter system. With various options, you can have cleaner Water anywhere, from pitchers, bottle filtration systems, or portable on-the-go cup filters.
  • GET THE LEAD OUT: ZeroWater filters are the only pour-through filters NSF Certified to remove chromium & lead. Our pitchers, tumblers, & dispensers remove virtually all solids for the purest tasting water.

06. Waterdrop 200-Gallon Long-Life Chubby 10-Cup Water Filter Pitcher

Most of the pitchers we evaluated for this list had a capacity of around two liters, but the simple pitcher went above and beyond with a huge 3.5-liter capacity. This makes it the ideal option for big families. This filter pitcher is one of the more reasonably priced choices, despite its big size. This is a wise investment because the replacement filter cartridges are similarly reasonably priced and the pitcher is covered by a lifetime warranty.

The fact that the filters are inexpensive and only last for 40 gallons is a blessing. While that is a good lifespan for a Brita filter, it pales compared to some of the remarkable 150-gallon lifespans provided by filters like the Aquagear, which received our top recommendation. This filter also gets clogged up quite easily. Although you can shake it up and make it flow again, it was still a hassle we’d rather avoid.


  • [Natural wood, Fashion choice]: The natural wood handle of the Waterdrop filter pitcher meets the ergonomics design and is comfortable to take. By fashion design, the water filter pitcher looks fabulous when put anywhere at home. The Waterdrop pitcher has a 10-cup high capacity, can be put on one side door of a refrigerator and is suitable for dormitories, homes and offices. 💧3-pack replacement filters are available for purchase! (search model: WD-PF-01A Plus、WD-PF-01C Plus).
  • [NSF certified filtration performance]: This filter water pitcher has passed NSF42 and 372 certifications, confirming using high-quality carbon fibre only. The residual chlorine reduction rate is as high as 97.4%, and the Waterdrop pitcher effectively reduces odour, iron, and metal ions like calcium, magnesium, mercury, copper and other substances according to third-party testing while improving the overall taste.
  • [5x longer lifespan]: The filter water pitcher has a filter lifespan of up to 200 gallons, which is 5x that of competing products. With an extended lifespan, you can purify your drinking water for longer. The flow rate of the Waterdrop filter pitcher is also 5x that of competing products, ensuring maximum filtration effect and faster delivery of clean drinking water. ⚡This system DOES NOT lower the TDS value. Please choose the Waterdrop RO system if you prefer a low TDS value.
  • [Intelligent indicator]: Our Intelligent design of the water filter pitcher ensures a healthier and hassle-free life for users, as you can monitor water quality anytime. Thanks to the replaceable intelligent indicator, which can sense when water is being poured, you can now see the usage state of the filter element based on the display mode of the LED (light-emitting diode) in real-time.
  • [Innovative Design]: Waterdrop Chubby water filter pitcher design allows the pitcher’s water filter to be perfectly placed on most fridge doors; the innovative design of the spout lid can help keep dust and other particles from getting into the pitcher. The Waterdrop pitcher is very easy to refill the pitcher, as you don’t even need to remove the lid.

07. Best SimPure Water Filter Pitcher.

Any filter that can lower or remove fluoride levels has our respect. One such filter is the Waterdrop WD-PT-04B, which has a seven-stage filter and can last up to 200 gallons. That’s an amazing statistic, but we soon discovered that it doesn’t filter microorganisms, which will prevent this pitcher from moving up the list.

This pitcher has a no-touch fill function that opens automatically when you pour water into the appropriate area, but it’s excessively hard. It doesn’t open readily enough, making a major mess every time we try to fill it. However, the slim, space-saving design that fits in the fridge door is what we like. Although it wasn’t one of the better filter pitchers we tested, there were still many worse alternatives.


The bars signify the remaining filter life. After about 60 days (or after filtering 40 gallons), it’ll be time to change the filter.

Space Efficient Design

Easily store your Simpure pitcher in the refrigerator. Its slim profile helps it fit easily between food items or on one of the shelves.

Reduce Waste & Save your Money

One pitcher can filter 1800 bottled water in one year, reduce waste and save money

08. Nakii NFP-100 Water-Filtration Pitchers

With a square filter cartridge, the Nakii NFP-100 water filter pitcher is designed significantly differently from most. The filters have one of the best lifespans we’ve ever seen, lasting 150 gallons per filter. However, the filters aren’t very good. They hardly made any effort to lower total dissolved solids, and the filtered water still had a faint chlorine odor. That’s probably the reason why this pitcher’s water filters so quickly.

This pitcher is more affordable to purchase than the majority of the other pitchers we examined. Although its size makes it difficult to fit in the fridge, we enjoy how it appears. Even worse, it only has a 1.8-liter capacity, significantly less than many other pitchers. Although we appreciate the Nakii cartridge filters’ lengthy lifespan, we prefer filters that effectively remove impurities from our water.


  • LONGEST LASTING – 150 GALLONS – 4 TIMES MORE THAN OTHERS! The NAKII pitcher filter is created with high-quality material that handles water contaminants on a higher level hardly comparable that’s why it has a lifespan of 150 gallons 4 times more than Brita and any other brand on the market
  • ADVANCED FILTRATION TECHNOLOGY- HIGHEST RATE OF CHLORINE AND MERCURY REMOVAL! The Nakii filter is the first in the USA to use the newest water filtration innovation, Activated Carbon Fiber (ACF), which isn’t used in Brita filters or other brands. ACF features 98% of Chlorine, Mercury removal TO IMPROVE DRASTICALLY HEALTHINESS, Taste and odour, the highest rate in the market to reduce lead, rust, sediment and suspended particles, and eliminates unpleasant colour and lime-scale.
  • TESTED AND CERTIFIED BY THE WQA! The Nokia brand water filter pitchers are manufactured by Water Innovations USA. They are certified by the WQA for NSF/ANSI 42 and NSF/ANSI/CAN 372 for High-Quality Filtration, chlorine taste, odour reduction, and lead-free compliance. The filter has a Life Span of 150 gallons and a Fast Flow Rate of 1.3 litres per minute. This will give the best and most Clearly Filtered Water for you and your family
  • Maximum FAST FILTRATION – SPACE-SAVING DESIGN The ACF’s fast adsorption speed and Free flow design ensure extra fast and steady filtration. The Nakii filter is tested for its flow rate by the WQA to ensure high filtration performance even with its fast flow, which takes it apart from the other leading brands in the market. Its sleek design makes it suitable to fit right in your refrigerator door
  • HEALTHY AND CERTIFIED COMPONENTS USED IN THE PITCHER AND FILTER- By providing a filter for healthier water, we pay a lot of attention to the healthiness of the material used in the product. That’s why we only use BPA-FREE and approved material which will meet the standard of the NSF-372 tested and approved by the Water Quality

09. Best LifeStraw Home Water Filter Pitcher

The LSH7GLWH07 home water filter pitcher from LifeStraw, a well-known personal water filtration brand, marks its entry into the at-home filtration market. For better taste and chemical-free construction, the pitcher is constructed of glass. However, because the filter is housed in plastic, this pitcher is probably not the best choice for people attempting to avoid plastic.

This pitcher’s exquisite appearance is appealing, but its height makes it difficult to use with some sink faucets. Although it doesn’t remove fluoride, it is also one of the more expensive water filter pitchers we’ve examined. However, it removes bacteria and heavy metals, making drinking water safe and clean.


  • Filtration that actually does stuff. The only water filter pitcher that removes bacteria and parasites, in addition to microplastics.
  • Reduces lead, mercury, and chemicals including PFAS (“forever chemicals”), chlorine, herbicides, pesticides, dirt, sand, and cloudiness. Retains essential minerals like magnesium and potassium that are good for your health
  • Sleek and sustainable design, made from hand-blown borosilicate glass. Easy to use and maintain.
  • Improves taste and avoids the need to buy single-use plastic bottled water
  • The membrane microfilter lasts 264 gallons (1 year). The activated carbon + ion exchange filter lasts 40 gallons (2 months)
  • Your purchase has impact: one product, one child, one year of safe water.
  • LifeStraw is proud to be a B Corp and Climate Neutral Certified brand, committed to meeting the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, transparency, and accountability

10. Epic Nano Water Filter Pitchers for Drinking Water

Our high-quality solid coconut carbon filters, American-made and -tested, last four times as long as Zerowater and three times as long as regular Brita filters while producing 150 gallons of clean, healthful water. No more guessing when to change the filter because the Epic Nano pitcher has a digital filter indicator.

Amazing Nano Water Filter For healthier, tastier water, Pitcher’s selective filtration technology keeps calcium, potassium, and magnesium naturally in your water. Everything from the water, including the trace minerals your body requires, is removed using reverse osmosis water filters. Nutritionally speaking, experts believe RO water to be essentially dead water. Water contains essential minerals, substances your body requires but cannot naturally make.


  • Filtered Water Pitcher for Refrigerator: This large water filtration pitcher for the refrigerator is easy to pour and refill. This space-efficient pitcher fits perfectly on refrigerator shelves and is great for families. Height 10″; Width 6″; Length 10″; Weight: 2.2 pounds. This Nanofiber water purifier pitcher with the filter will keep your family drinking filtered water for years to come. Rigorously tested against NSF/ANSI standards 42, 53, 401, P231, and P473.
  • Well Water Filters: Virus Water Filter: Made in USA Filter designed to remove viruses, bacteria, and cysts. Chlorine Water Filter: Tested to remove chlorine. Lead Water Filter: Tested to remove lead. Pfau Water Filter: Removes the Forever Chemical PFOA Pafos Pfc. 1,4-Dioxane Water Filter: Tested for the removal of 1,4-Dioxane in drinking water. Haloacetic acids (Haas) Water Filter: Tested for removing Haloacetic acids. Microplastics Water Filter: Tested to remove microplastics
  • Water Filtration System: Proprietary American-made nanofiber media remove 2000% more contaminants than the leading Water Filter Pitcher, including Total Trihalomethanes, Chromium 6, Arsenic, Fluoride and much more. A proprietary Nanofiber tap water filter protects you and your family from contaminants that other filters miss. Smart filter media keeps healthy trace minerals like calcium and magnesium in your water, which a reverse osmosis system will strip out.
  • The Nano Pitcher also comes with a LED timer, which counts down from 90 days, integrated into the lid that reminds you when it is time to change the filter. Never again will you have to guess about your filter. Got well water? Boil Alerts? Then, this is the pitcher for you.
  • Water Purifier Pitcher with Filter: Each premium quality filter of this gravity water filter system produces 150 gallons of fresh, contaminant-free drinking water (lasting 4 times longer than the leading filtered water pitcher. Remove 99.999% of all tap water contaminants. Filters are 100% BPA-free, 100% Approved Food Grade Materials, 100% Recyclable, and 100% Vegan. 0% Pretentious, Filtros de Agua Para la Cocina,Filtros de Agua, Purificador de Agua

Buyer’s Guide: How to Choose the Best glass Water Filter Pitcher

One of the most important purchases you can make is a water filter pitcher. There are thousands of different types and designs out there, so it cannot be easy to find the perfect fit for you. This buyer’s guide will help you choose the best option.

This article contains advice on finding the right type of water filter for your home style and how frequently you drink faucet or tap water in your home. It also covers considerations such as what type of filters are compatible with each other (H2O vs Brita), whether or not a two-stage filtration is an option, and what materials are used to make this equipment. Remember that, as we will discuss below, there are differences between pitchers and filters. The most important thing to consider is whether or not the type of ​filter you buy will fit into the pitcher you choose. You can find a great water filter pitcher here.


This article has been a journey, and I hope you enjoyed it. To bring this up to the conclusion, here are the best water filter pitchers on Amazon that I have found.

The best water filter pitcher is a great idea for anyone who doesn’t like to drink tap water because of its taste or toxins in it. This article was meant to help you find the right one for your personal home needs. Now that you know what features should be on your list when shopping, these are the top three best sellers for any budget:

Brita Aquafina water filter pitcher (best budget water filter pitcher)

This is one of the best-rated and most sold on Amazon. It removes chlorine, bad taste and odour, and mercury while adding oxygen and minerals to your water. This product is made with premium BPA-free plastic known for its durability. It has nine colour options to match the cups or glasses you use.

Brita inline water filter pitcher (best water filter pitcher)

This product has the same features as above, with a few additions such as a flip-top lid for easy opening when filling up any container or cup. It also comes in 9 different colours to suit your style. This is the number one best water filter sold on Amazon.

Water 10 cups (best water filter pitcher for your home)

This product is one of the most popular choices amongst consumers. It removes chlorine, lead, odour and bad taste and adds oxygen and minerals to your water like the previous products. However, it has a larger capacity and lasts longer than most to provide quality filtered water that can be stored in your refrigerator. This unit also has a better price point than most competitors while still being high quality.

So there you have it! The three best water filter pitchers out there today that I could find with my research.

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