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Grill Pan: Grill Your Own Outdoor Food Like a Pro with this Versatile

For condo tenants or anybody confronting a finish to outside barbecuing season, there are many motivations to put resources into a barbecue container. A barbecue skillet permits you to accomplish those dazzling singe blemishes on your burner, no power plugs are required. And keeping in mind that you might have the option to accomplish a singe in a conventional skillet, yet without the imprints, the edges on a barbecue container likewise raise your food over its juices and fats, giving you a superior burn and a less oily outcome.

To assist you with finding the best barbecue skillet, we asked Allrecipes item analyzer Jessica Harlan to scrutinize the top choices available. She thought about each dish’s development and configuration, heat maintenance, execution, cleaning, and capacity.

Late night of testing, she considered the Scanpan Proficient Barbecue Skillet to be the absolute best.

Continue to peruse to find the best barbecue dish, as per our testing.

What To Consider While Purchasing a Barbecue Skillet
Size and Shape
Barbecues container typically normal around 10 to 11 crawls in size, adequate space for barbecuing four to five little burgers. You might choose to go more modest, would it be advisable for you just have to serve one to two individuals. However, on the off chance that you’re taking care of a group, you might need to jump on a twofold burner barbecue dish. As the name proposes, these are rectangular-molded barbecue container that range the length of two burner burners for expanded surface region.

We found in our testing that most barbecue skillet available are square, and for good explanation. Surface region is key while barbecuing — your food should be cooked in a solitary layer, rather than a pan fried food or any sauteed dish. Square barbecue dish offer more surface region. However, round container in all actuality do enjoy their benefits: They will quite often warm more equally than square dish, which don’t necessarily get as hot around the edges and corners.

Some barbecue skillet even element reversible sides, one with a furrowed surface for barbecuing and one more with a smooth surface for griddling.

Project Iron: Cast iron is an easy decision for a barbecue container. It can reach and keep up with high temperatures, mirroring the meshes of an outside barbecue. It’s likewise broiler safe, so you can undoubtedly wrap up thicker cuts of steak in the broiler after you’ve fostered a pleasant singe on the burner. Be that as it may, the reasonable burden to project iron is generally cleanup and support. With time, cast iron will foster a normally nonstick patina, however that requires ordinary use and routine flavoring with oil. What’s more, similarly as with all cast iron, it should be hand washed and dried right away.
Plated Cast Iron: Despite the fact that it accompanies a heftier sticker price, plated cast iron gives you the intensity maintenance of solid metal without the fussy cleanup. The finish coat assists with forestalling staying and rusting, no flavoring required.
Hard-Anodized Aluminum: This is a term you’ll see tossed around a ton with regards to barbecue dish and other cookware. It alludes to aluminum that has been solidified through a compound course of oxidation to make it more sturdy and impervious to consumption. It’s generally covered with a nonstick covering for simple cleanup, and the aluminum base gives magnificent conduction. Remember that you ought to abstain from utilizing metal utensils or cooking over really high temperatures with nonstick cookware.
Project Aluminum: Cast aluminum cookware comes from liquid aluminum that is filled a shape. The cycle, known as “projecting,” makes a harder and more sturdy item. Like a wide range of aluminum, it’s a magnificent guide, and it’s a lot lighter than cast iron. Furthermore, as hard-anodized aluminum, it’s frequently layered with a nonstick covering.
Ceramic Nonstick: Frequently promoted as the option in contrast to Teflon-based nonstick coatings, fired covered cookware is normally made of a metal base (either aluminum or treated steel) that has been covered with a silicone-based nonstick covering. It offers a simple to-clean nonstick surface with ideal intensity conduction, yet is supposed to be less strong than it’s conventional nonstick partners.

You’ll find barbecue container with one handle or handles on the two sides. Double sided handles make it simpler to move the skillet to and from the burner or stove, particularly in the event that it’s made of a heavier material like cast iron. A few handles can turn out to be exceptionally hot to the touch, like cast iron and certain metal handles. Nonetheless, you can find metal and plastic handles that stay cool to the touch, yet remember the last option may not be stove safe.

Pour Spout/Channels
Many barbecue skillet highlighted in this survey highlight pour spouts or oil channels. However not fundamental, these can make it simpler to clean and dispose of amassed oil. Besides, a container that has gathered a great deal of oil can make it more challenging to accomplish a legitimate singe.

Now that you’re knowledgeable in the realm of barbecue skillet, read our contemplations on the 13 dish we put under a magnifying glass.

Best Grill Pan
Best Grill Pan
Image Product Details   Price
Best Grill Pan SCANPAN Professional 10.5” Square Grill Pan Brand: Scanpan
Material: Stainless Steel
Special Feature: Electric Stovetop Compatible
Capacity: 5 Liters
Check Price
Best Gril Pan Anolon 84062 Advanced Hard Anodized Nonstick Square Griddle Pan Brand: Anolon
Material: Aluminum
Special Feature: Electric Stovetop Compatible
Capacity: 5 Quarts
Check Price
Best Gril Pan FINEX 12″ Cast Iron Grill Pan Brand: FINEX
Material: Cast Iron
Capacity: 10.5 Pounds
Item Weight: 5.2 Kilograms
Check Price
Best Gril Pan GreenPan Chatham Hard Anodized Healthy Ceramic Nonstick Brand: GreenPan
Special Feature: Gas Stovetop Compatible, Electric Stovetop Compatible
Color: Gray
Capacity: 1 Cubic Inches
Check Price
Best Gril Pan All-Clad E7954164 HA1 Hard Anodized Nonstick Dishwaher Brand: All-Clad
Material: Aluminum
Special Feature: Dishwasher Safe
Capacity: 2 Quarts
Check Price
Best Grill Pan Berghoff GEM Non-Stick Cast Aluminum Grill Pan 10″ 2.4 qt. Square Stay-Cool Brand: Berghoff
Material: Aluminum
Special Feature: Induction Stovetop Compatible
Capacity: 2.4 Lite
Check Price

01. SCANPAN Professional 10.5” Square Grill Pan

Best Grill Pan

We love this choice from Scanpan(R) on the grounds that it’s sturdy and productive. Gauging around 4 pounds, it’s made with a cast aluminum development and a nonstick covering liberated from PFOA and PFOS. Dissimilar to most nonstick cookware, the brand’s nonstick covering is ok for metal utensils. The square dish has smaller, closer-together barbecue edges than the majority of different skillet we’ve seen, which burns and caramelizes a greater amount of the outer layer of the food that is cooking, thickly striping it with barbecue checks and bestowing a greater amount of that delectable singed flavor.

The dish warms moderately rapidly and consistently with no hot or cool spots, and the treated steel handle stays cool and is agreeable to grasp. This container can be utilized on most kinds of cooktops, with the exception of enlistment, and is broiler protected to 500 degrees F, so the entire dish can be moved to a hot stove to complete the process of cooking thicker cuts of meat. At 10.5 inches, the container is the perfect size for four or five burgers or a couple of steaks. It very well may a little test to clean between the barbecue edges, however luckily, the skillet is dishwasher safe.


  • NONSTICK WITHOUT COMPROMISE – Forget everything you think you know about nonstick. The SCANPAN 10.5” Square Grill Pan sears like professional cookware—all on a revolutionary nonstick surface that requires little to no oil.
  • EASY TO USE – The recycled squeeze-cast aluminum construction distributes heat quickly and evenly, with no hot spots, making any cooking task a breeze. Plus, cleaning only requires soap, water, and a little effort.
  • VERSATILE – Use your Professional Square Grill Pan on any gas or electric stovetop, and get the cooking-show-worthy results you want—with or without oil! The ridged surface helps drain excess fat while searing & adds appetizing grill marks.
  • BUILT TO LAST – For 50+ years, SCANPAN has been producing durable, artisan cookware for professional chefs & home cooks. Our STRATANIUM nonstick surface is dishwasher safe, metal utensil safe, and oven safe up to 500°F.
  • SAFE & SUSTAINABLE – These two values are part of our DNA. All SCANPAN products are made of recycled aluminum, and manufactured under the strictest standards required by the Danish government.

02. Anolon 84062 Advanced Hard Anodized Nonstick Square Griddle Pan

Best Grill Pan

An incredible choice for more modest families, the Cuisinel 10.5-inch cast iron barbecue skillet is sufficiently huge to barbecue several chicken bosoms or four little cheeseburgers. It is all around planned, with high, squared barbecue edges that stretch out nearly to the edge of the skillet so the whole cooking surface is usable, as well as pour spouts on one or the other side to pour off oil.

Despite the fact that it’s reasonable, this skillet accompanies two or three rewards: A glass top with a stay-cool silicone handle, a scrubber device that fits impeccably between the edges to scratch off consumed on bits, and a silicone sleeve for the container handle. The top is perfect for assisting thicker food varieties with cooking through. The sleeve makes it more agreeable to hold the handle, yet it doesn’t do a lot to make it cooler; it actually gets too hot to even consider contacting without a stove glove.

This barbecue is a decent size for more modest burners; it warms decently fast for cast iron, and keeps an even, uniform temperature. Notwithstanding being pre-prepared, food will stick the initial not many times; the organization prompts cooking something exceptionally greasy or utilizing loads of oil from the get go, until the normally nonstick patina develops. Likewise with all cast iron, hand washing is required, and it ought to likewise be dried right away and covered with oil to keep up with the flavoring.


  • STOVETOP GRILL: Heavy-duty, hard-anodized grill pan heats quickly and evenly and features built-in ridges for authentic grill marks
  • STEAKS WON’T STICK: Premium-quality nonstick for an indoor grill pan that provides quick food release and effortless cleanup
  • CONFIDENT GRIP: The grill pan’s dual-riveted SureGrip handle is designed for comfort and control, even with oven mitts on
  • POUR IT ON: Grilling pan has convenient pair of built-in spouts for pouring off cooking juices to make sauces and gravies
  • A BIGGER GRILL PAN: Square pan profile provides 27 percent more cooking surface for better searing and browning when compared to round pans of the same size
  • SEAR AND SIZZLE: Grill pan is oven safe to 400 degrees F for quick sears that finish cooking in the oven.

03. FINEX 12″ Cast Iron Grill Pan

Best Grill Pan

Some nonstick barbecue skillet don’t accomplish those sought after barbecue marks, however on the off chance that Instagram-commendable singed stripes are your objective, the Anolon Progressed 11-inch Square Barbecue Container won’t frustrate. It warms rapidly and consistently, and the adjusted edges, which are somewhat higher than a portion of different dish we tried, burn ideal lines into eggplant and zucchini and cook everything consistently, with no recognizable problem areas or cool spots.

The skillet is more profound than other barbecue container — very nearly two inches down — which could eliminate splattering while you’re barbecuing greasy food varieties like steaks or burgers. It likewise has pour spouts on one or the other side. The handle, which has a silicone embed, is agreeable to grasp and stays cool to the touch. This dish is made of hard-anodized aluminum with a solid, chip-and scratch-safe nonstick covering. The food we tried set free from the skillet effectively without any issues at all, and it was not difficult to spotless too, which is a help since it’s not dishwasher safe. The barbecue dish is a decent size for holding four to five burgers or little chicken bosoms; the edges stretch out nearly to the edge of the skillet, making the entire cooking surface usable. The container is broiler protected up to 400 degrees F, and can be utilized on gas, electric, and glass or ceramic cooktops.


  • BUILT FOR REAL GRILLING Designed for providing perfectly seared grill lines; Wide grill ribs allow for radiant heat from below for real grilling flavor on steaks, burgers, chops, seafood and veggies
  • WORKS ON ALL COOKTOPS Fit for the grill and open flame cooking but right at home on gas, electric and induction ranges; Oven safe; Made for indoor/outdoor use
  • TWIN SPEED COOL HANDLES Wound from 300 series stainless steel and hand polished to high luster, our handles stay cool longer, cool off quicker and feel better in the hand. Inspired by vintage wood stove door handles, they bring high-end fit and finish to a time honored design.
  • TRUE BBQ-WIDTH GRILL RIBS Produce gorgeous char-grill marks and flavorful crusts; Thick base and walls for constant, even heating and heat retention
  • MACHINED AND POLISHED easy release surface minimizes sticking and makes cleaning a snap; Free of chemical coatings; Pre-seasoned and ready for use right out of the box.

04. GreenPan Chatham Hard Anodized Healthy Ceramic Nonstick

Best Grill Pan

Finex is a little, Portland-based cookware organization; consider it a fancier variant of the its more popular sister brand, Cabin Cast Iron, which obtained the brand in 2019. This container is delightfully planned, with an octagonal shape that boosts the cooking surface, a solid plan (it gauges an incredible 11 pounds!), and wonderful curled pure handles that are intended to chill rapidly. The edges are thicker and more profound than most other barbecue skillet, which all the more intently repeats a genuine barbecue.

Due to its weight, the skillet requires a significant stretch of time to warm up, however when it does, it can accomplish shouting hot temperatures ideal for burning a steak, and will hold that heat consistently for a long while. Indeed, even with its pre-preparing and a little extra oil, food adhered a little to the edges, however with just enough persuading, delivered without tearing. The intensity scattered pleasantly with no problem areas, and the plan of the edges yielded astonishingly carmelized barbecue marks. The handles really do get hot, yet cool off more rapidly than the actual dish. Like any solid metal cookware, the flavoring on this dish should be kept up with, and it’ll get endlessly better with rehashed use, as the patina develops. Dealt with appropriately, this dish is probably going to turn into a legacy and an extraordinary option in contrast to starting up the outside barbecue.


  • GreenPan’s Thermolon healthy ceramic nonstick coating is free of PFAS, PFOA, lead, and cadmium, so it will never release toxic fumes, even if it’s accidentally overheated
  • Metal utensil safe, this collection’s diamond-reinforced coating is incredibly durable
  • Tough Hard Anodized Body is scratch-resistant and designed to stand up to daily demands
  • Oven and broiler safe up to 600°F
  • Dishwasher safe for easy cleanup.

05. All-Clad E7954164 HA1 Hard Anodized Nonstick Dishwaher

Best Grill Pan

The GreenPan Chatham 11-inch Round Barbecue Container is a decent choice for the people who need the comfort of nonstick yet without the concern of compound covering. GreenPan utilizes a solid clay based nonstick covering that is liberated from PFAS, PFOA, lead, and cadmium. With this skillet, food doesn’t stick by any means, in any event, while you’re utilizing next to no oil. Notwithstanding, it doesn’t accomplish a similar particular barbecue marks than a portion of different skillet we tried, and appeared to cook more blazing in certain pieces of the container than in others. It’s likewise more qualified for more modest parts of food, since the barbecue edges just cover around nine creeps in measurement, adequate space for four little burgers or two chicken bosoms. Regardless of its nonstick covering, the dish can exasperate to clean: the light dark surface, albeit appealing, shows every single spot of buildup, and cleaning the cleft on one or the other side of the great ridges is hard.


  • Heavy-gauge, hard-anodized cookware offers even heating and has 3 layers of safe, PFOA-free nonstick for long-lasting easy release.
  • Oven safe up to 500°F and compatible with gas, electric, and ceramic cooktops (not induction compatible).
  • Securely riveted stainless steel handles ensure a safe grip.
  • Dishwasher safe but handwashing recommended to preserve the nonstick.

06. Berghoff GEM Non-Stick Cast Aluminum Grill Pan 10″ 2.4 qt. Square Stay-Cool

Best Grill Pan

In any event, for kitchens with larger than average cooktops, the All-Clad HA1 Nonstick Twofold Burner Barbecue is liberally estimated to fit safely north of two burners. It warms rapidly and consistently, even in the dead zone between the burners. The edges are adjusted and not excessively high; they produce equally carmelized lines and cook the food rapidly since the food is nearer in touch with the cooking surface than with barbecue container that have higher edges. Pour spouts in two corners make it simple to pour off abundance fat or drippings.

The HA1 line is one of All-Clad’s entrance level lines; it is made of weighty check hard anodized aluminum, with a sans pfoa nonstick covering. The covering works perfectly to deliver food effectively, and makes cleanup speedy and simple, particularly since a wipe can float effectively over the adjusted edges, without any fissure for food to stow away (It’s likewise dishwasher safe, despite the fact that it probably won’t fit in more modest dishwashers).

The way that the entire situation can go into the stove (up to 500 degrees F) is a reward, particularly when you want to complete the process of cooking thicker cuts like steaks or hacks. Circle handles with level grasps are not difficult to convey, in spite of the fact that they will generally get hot, so broiler gloves are an unquestionable requirement. One downside: This dish, estimating 13-by 20-inches, is a piece off-kilter to store; the handles broaden an entire two crawls over the container. Be that as it may, with a skillet this size, you could most likely concoct at least eight burgers all at once — ideal for your next party.


  • Featuring BERGHOFF patented ceramic BPA, PTFE, PFOA free coating for healthier no-oil or low oil cooking
  • With a removable handle that attaches and detaches with just one easy click.
  • Removable handle means you can place the pan in the oven to keep food warm and makes storage easy too.
  • Cast aluminium with ceramic coating. Suitable for all hob types including induction. Dishwasher safe.
  • Handle stays cool during cooking. Diameter 24cm (10″).