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Mini Air Purifier – helps keep your home clean and healthy

The best mini air purifiers are available online. The products come at various prices, designed to create cleaner air by filtering the air around you. These units can be used in your homes, offices, cars, and other places.

There’s no better place to find the best mini air purifier than on Amazon. Amazon offers these products at discounts users won’t find anywhere else on the internet. The Amazon air purifier products we will review here can help clean the air you breathe. At the same time, they’ll reduce the chances of passing bacteria and other unhealthy particles to you and your family.

You just installed a new carpet and your dog just marked his territory on it; you wake up tomorrow morning with sinus pressure because of the dirty air in your bedroom. The culprit: Dust, pollen, animal dander and bacteria are all common air pollutants that can make us sick.

This article is all about mini air purifiers! Mini-purifiers can be hung from ceilings or placed on tables or counters to provide clean household air at the lowest cost possible. These devices are easy to use, portable and just as effective as large countertop all-in-one models. Mini-purifiers, like these have excellent filtration, so they reduce pollen and pet dander. These little machines produce a fraction of the electromagnetic noise of full size pollution scrubbers, so you sleep better knowing your kids’ room is a safe place to be. The design of mini-purifiers doesn’t require fans or motors that need replacement frequently, making them durable and long lasting.

Minis can be hung from the ceiling or placed anywhere near your face or mouth for easy access.

Image Product Details   Price
mini air purifier HATHA SPACE Dual Filtration Air Purifier for Home.  Brand : HATHASPACE
Color : White
Item Weight : 29 Pounds
Power Source : DC
Control Method : Touch
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mini air purifier IQAir HealthPro Plus Air Purifier Brand : IQAir
Color : 1. HealthPro Plus
Item Weight : 35 Pounds
Power Source : AC/DC
Control Method : Remote
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mini air purifier LEVOIT Air Purifier for Home Allergies Pets Hair in Bedroom Brand : LEVOIT
Color : Cream White
Item Weight : 7.48 Pounds
Power Source : AC
Control Method : Touch
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mini air purifier Pro Breeze Mini Air Purifier Hepa Brand : Pro Breeze
Color : Mini
Item Weight : 0.48 Kilograms
Power Source : Corded Electric
Control Method : Touch
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mini air purifier PURGGO Car Air Freshener Brand : PURGGO
Color : Lava Gray
Power Source : Charcoal
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mini air purifier 4WDKING Rechargeable Electrical Air Purifying Brand : 4WDKING
Color : White
Power Source : Battery Powered, Electric
Control Method : Touch
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mini air purifier Munchkin Portable Air Purifier Brand : Munchkin
Color : White
Power Source : Battery Powered
Control Method : App
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mini air purifier Levoit Core Mini Air Purifier Brand : LEVOIT
Color : Dark Black
Item Weight : 1 Kilograms
Power Source : AC
Control Method : Touch
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mini air purifier (2) HEPA Air Purifiers for Bedroom Brand : OSIMO
Color : Gray
Item Weight : 1.44 Pounds
Power Source : Battery Powered
Control Method : Touch
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mini air purifier Pure Enrichment PureZone Mini Portable Air Purifier Brand : Pure Enrichment
Color : Blue
Item Weight : 0.6 Pounds
Power Source : Battery Powered
Control Method : Touch
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01. HATHA SPACE Dual Filtration Air Purifier for Home. 

At Hatha Space, our mission is to improve the Health and wellness of our community with purified air. From the classroom to the office to the home, our team at Hathaspace will continue to pursue the best and most trusted technology to bring True HEPA air filtration to the masses.

The HSP003 Dual Filtration HEPA, Air Purifier with H13 True HEPA, is ideal for businesses, schools, and commercial use. Its powerful 2x 3-stage filtration system, with washable pre-filter, completely replaces the air in large rooms up to 2800 sq ft every hour, removing over 99.9% of PM2.5 particles. These include common air pollutants like pollen, pet dander, mold, dust, and smoke. Our machine is energy efficient and automatically adjusts fan speed for real-time air quality needs.


  • Purify your air – Our dual filtration system targets pollen, dust, pet dander, VOC’s, smoke, and odors. Superior to standard true H11 HEPA filters, our H13 HEPA filters 99.9% of down to PM 2.5 particles.
  • What you get – Large smart air purifier, 2x H13 True HEPA composite filter, 2x washable filter, manual, 5-year warranty, award-winning customer support 7 days a week, and the peace of mind that comes from a trusted American brand that is quality tested and backed by CARB, ETL, and Energy Star.
  • Remove odors, smoke, & VOC’s – Both an air cleaner and odor eliminator, our air purifier features a unique honeycomb activated-carbon filter that absorbs odors, smoke, and VOC’s. With a state-of-the-art fan and motor, enjoy clean air delivered quietly and efficiently. Ideal for schools, universities, classrooms, hospitals, restaurants, hotels, doctor offices, and can also be used in homes, bedrooms, dorms, apartments, and living rooms.
  • Breathe easier – Nothing feels better than breathing clean air. Read our 10,000+ reviews and see just how much our air purifier can assist and support the body’s natural response during allergy season.
  • Smart air purifier – In AUTO mode, a smart air quality sensor detects pollutants in your air, adjusting the fan speed in real-time. A digital display on the unit reveals your air quality level, so you always know what you’re breathing.

 02. IQAir HealthPro Plus Air Purifier

IQAir is a Swiss air quality technology company empowering individuals, organizations, and communities to breathe clean air. Our high-performance products are made in Switzerland and Germany. We provide solutions for environmental control that help create safer, healthier living and working spaces. Only IQAir’s exclusive Hyper HEPA filtration technology traps ultrafine particles down to 0.003 microns – 10x smaller than a virus! Independent testing verifies that IQAir Hyper HEPA filtration traps at least 99.5% of all particles down to 0.003 microns for unequaled protection against fine and ultrafine particles, including bacteria and viruses. This is why critical environments trust IQAir.  


  • Unrivaled Performance: The HealthPro Plus is the #1 Rated room air purifier for homes, offices, schools, hospitals, industrial, and commercial sites. Has received more top reviews and awards than any other air purifier. Chosen by the Hong Kong Hospital Authority for both SARS-CoV-1 & SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19. Superior airflow with the 320-degree EvenFlow Diffuser efficiently filters all the air in large rooms and bedrooms numerous times an hour.
  • Medical Grade H14 HyperHEPA Filter: Proven and certified by a third-party testing lab to remove and trap 99.995% of all airborne particles down to 0.003 microns, the HealthPro Plus supplies unequaled protection against bacteria, dust, mold, pollen, pet dander, smoke from wildfires, odors, harmful chemicals like formaldehyde, and more. True H.E.P.A. filtration.
  • Long Lasting & Cost-Efficient Filters: Three different filters clean the air in four ways. Pre-filter traps coarse particles. Activated carbon adsorption and pelletized chemisorption filter odors and gasses. HyperHEPA traps fine and ultrafine particles. Long-lasting filters – 16 to18 months for the pre-filter, 2 years for the gas and odor filter, 3 years, 9 months to 4 years, 2 months for the HyperHEPA filter – help save money over the air cleaner’s lifetime and is more eco-friendly.
  • Energy Saving and Ultra-quiet Air Cleaner: The HealthPro Plus emits ultra-quiet, low-decibel sound across all four fan speeds. The fan-in-center design places the motor between sound-reducing filters. Doubled-walled housing limits sound. Rubber suspension pads isolate motor vibration from the air cleaner housing. EvenFlow Diffuser deflects sound back into the system. The powerful fan uses only as much electricity as a conventional light bulb, amounting to daily pennies.
  • Certified Performance: Each HealthPro Plus air purifier is made in Switzerland and individually tested for total system efficiency. If the system is not delivering 99.97% cleaner air or better, it does not get shipped. The results of the tests are detailed in a hand-signed Certificate of Performance. Every system comes with a 10-year limited warranty. Direct purchases from the manufacturer will require a signature to acknowledge receipt upon delivery.

03. Best Levoit Air Purifier for Home.

Starting with a pre-filter that eliminates pet hair, fibers, dust, and lint, the Levoit Air Purifier for Home has three layers of filtration. The air is then passed through an H13 genuine HEPA filter, which captures 99.97% of particles as small as 0.3 micrometers, including smoke particles, airborne mold spores, pollen, and animal dander.

As long as they are near the portable air purifier with a HEPA filter, living creatures like dust mites can also be eliminated. A filter made of activated carbon removes smells, smoke, fumes, and VOCs. Levoit offers four replacement air filter types, each of which concentrates on a different type of particles, such as smoke, polluted air, or pet allergens.

This Levoit can clean a 547 square foot area in 30 minutes when set to the highest level. It cleans quicker in smaller spaces. It is a wonderful bedroom alternative because it is only 24 decibels loud, even on high. This air purifier, which measures 8.7 by 8.7 by 16.25 inches, is Energy Star certified and has a built-in timer with four settings. The Levoit has a plastic stench, but it rapidly goes away when it is first opened. This concept also challenges preconceived notions about what constitutes a portable air purifier. It is, however, manageable to transport from room to room at 7.48 pounds.


  • OZONE FREE: Levoit air purifiers avoid using UV-C light, an air cleaning method that research has shown can produce harmful ozone and secondary pollution
  • HIGH PERFORMANCE: Enjoy fresh air in minutes with the Core 300 True H.E.P.A. Air Purifier. Featuring VortexAir Technology and 360° air intake, the Core 300 cleans spaces up to 547 ft² in 30 minutes and 219 ft² in 12 minutes (CADR: 141 CFM / 240 m³/h). Only products over 6 pounds can be equipped with such powerful motors that optimize the air cleaning performance
  • FIND RELIEF: Ease sneezing, congestion, and other allergy symptoms caused by airborne contaminants. The H13 True HEPA Filter works alongside the Pre-Filter and High-Efficiency Activated Carbon Filter to capture 99.97% of airborne particles 0.3 microns in size, such as dust, smoke, pollen, and odor.
  • OFFICIAL LEVOIT FILTERS: Search for B07RSZSYNC or Core 300-RF to find Levoit’s Core 300 replacement filter. Levoit filters provide the best fit and filtration, while off-brand filters are unreliable and may damage the air purifier.
  • MULTIPLE FILTER CHOICES: Choose various replacement filters to meet your needs best. The Toxin Absorber Filter specializes in smog, toxins, and VOCs. The Smoke Remover filter specializes in the wildfire, smoke, etc. And the Pet Allergy Filter helps to capture pet dander and absorb unpleasant odors.
  • WHISPER QUIET AIR CLEANER: Choose Sleep Mode at night and then forget all about your air purifier while you sleep. QuietKEAP Technology reduces noise levels to a near-silent 24dB, ensuring the Core 300 won’t get in the way of a good night’s rest.
  • SLEEK DESIGN: The Core 300 practically serves your home while blending in with your decor. Its award-winning design (Red Dot, 2020) and modern white finish help your air purifier fit anywhere in your home/bedroom/room.
  • UNDISTURBED OPERATION: The display light can be turned off to enjoy a perfect night of sleep without the effect of light. A timer for 2/4/6/8 hours and filter lifetime indicator for your convenience
  • FULL CERTIFIED FOR SAFER: Energy Star Verified, Complies with California air resources board (CARB) for indoor cleaning devices. Also, F.C.C. certified, ETL listed

04. Pro Breeze Mini Air Purifier

There are two layers of filters in the Pro Breeze Mini Air Purifier. The inner HEPA filter removes 99.97% of all other airborne particles, while the top layer screens big particles. Its compact size (4.9 by 4.9 by 5.3 inches) and lightweight (one pound) enable it to be placed on top of a dresser, workstation, or nightstand without taking up important floor space.

There is only a one-speed setting and a single button for controlling this portable air filter. Children’s bedrooms benefit from having an integrated night light, yet the light may be switched off if needed. A USB wire or a D.C. adapter powers the Pro Breeze.


  • Desktop Air Purifier: This air purifier has a Pre-Filter and True HEPA Filter to filter 99.7% of airborne particles such as dust, pollen, smoke, odors, and pet dander. They are environmentally friendly and the ideal room air purifiers for pet owners, smokers, babies, or anybody looking to improve air quality.
  • USB Powered: This air purifier H.E.P.A. is powered by a USB or D.C. adaptor. It is a powerful, personal air purifier that creates a halo of fresh air around you at your desk at home, in the office or the home office!
  • Personal Air Purifier: This H.E.P.A. filter air purifier operates at a low noise level, creating a restful, soothing atmosphere. It cleans the air around you without disturbing your working, learning, or sleeping. DIMENSIONS: 4.9″ x 4.9″ x 5.3″
  • Portable Air Purifier: Compact, portable and simple, this Pro Breeze Mini Air Purifier features a simple one-button design for easy operation. This desktop air purifier can fit comfortably on your desk or bedside table and is lightweight in design, making it easy to transport.
  • On/Off L.E.D. Night Light: The L.E.D. night light creates a relaxing environment, perfect for children’s and babies’ bedrooms. You can also use the air purifier without the night light.

05. Purggo Car Air Freshener.

The Preggo Car Air Freshener fastens to the headrest of a car seat. The compact device’s activated carbon filter, which has dimensions of 13.58 by 5.31 by 1.57 inches, is used to absorb odors. Due to its great porosity, activated carbon can absorb odor-causing particles like a sizable sponge.

The Preggo can last up to 365 days, although its filter may fill earlier. It’s eco-friendly because it’s constructed of renewable bamboo and hemp. While this air purifier may not remove pollen, dander, and other big particles, odors are handled. Additionally, it does not need batteries or charging.


  • CHEMICAL-FREE – Contains no fragrance, no plastic, no chemicals. PURGGO is made with 100% bamboo charcoal that naturally absorbs odor. PURGGO is healthy and safe for you, your kids, and your pets. It’s also great for people with allergies, asthma, stuffy nose, and other breathing sensitivities.
  • ELIMINATE (NOT MASK) ODOR – Porous bamboo charcoal acts like a big sponge. As air organically passes through, odor particles are trapped on the surfaces inside the charcoal. PURGGO removes odor rather than covering it up!
  • LASTS MORE THAN 365+ DAYS – The world’s longest-lasting car air freshener. PURGGO can be used for more than 365 days, while common car fresheners only last up to 45 days. Save your time and money. Say NO to pricey refills.
  • SUSTAINABLE – Made with bamboo and hemp, two of the most renewable natural resources in the world. At the end of its lifecycle, PURGGO’s bamboo charcoal can be used as a natural fertilizer for your plants.
  • FRESH AIR GUARANTEED – We are dedicated to providing amazing customer service. We are confident that your car will smell fresh and clean all year long with PURGGO. Contact our responsive customer service team if you are unsatisfied with your purchase, and we’ll make it right.

06. 4WDKing Aurora Electronic Air Purifier.

The 4WDKing Aurora is intended to clean the air that a person breathes by connecting directly to a custom-made mask. The little device, 7.25 by 4.5 by 2.25 inches, fastens with an armband. A flexible hose connects the air purifier to a specifically made nonwoven mask. The mask keeps the breathing air within.

Some units of this cleaner aren’t as tightly sealed as others, and it can have a slight odor.

A three-stage filtration system, including an H13 HEPA filter, is used by the 4WDKing Aurora to remove 99.97% of particulates. Each filter has a 500-hour potential life, and a fully charged battery lasts between 8 and 10 hours. Although it has three settings, the higher the speed, the quicker the batteries are depleted. This type is fairly quiet at 27 dB.


  • Supplied fresh air respirator system is equipped with portable power sources mainly to overcome the problems of big air intaking resistance, difficulties in breathing, and so on.
  • Unique electronic ventilation design system, to keep the fresh air flowing through your nose and mouth, suitable for long time use.
  • With filter function, 99.9% filter effect with Japan H13 high quality material filters.
  • You can connect the electric air filter to anywhere you want and then optionally tie it to your arms, neck, waist, and head.
  • Continuous 500 hours working by each filter element, adjustable wind speed, can be used for 8-10 hours with full charge, larger battery capacity, longer working time.

07. Munchkin Portable Air Purifier.

One of the best portable air purifiers is this small Munchkin Portable Air Purifier, which is 2.75 by 2.75 by 7 inches and only weighs 1.08 pounds. It can retain clean air in 7 square feet to produce a unique, clean air bubble.

This model contains an integrated gas sensor that selects one of the four-speed levels according to the quality of the air. A very silent mode is one of those four speeds. The manufacturer does not, however, provide the decibel level. The fact that the manufacturer is the only source for replacement filters makes them more expensive than filters for other machines.

The Munchkin’s four-stage H.E.P.A. the filtration system provides effective filtration in small enclosed spaces. Depending on the speed level, the rechargeable battery has a maximum operating time of 10 hours.


  • Removes 99.7% of airborne particles like allergens, smoke, and mold to create a 7 cubic foot bubble of purified air in your personal space
  • Perfect item for back to school, return to office environments, or travel.
  • The powerful 4-Stage air filtration system utilizes a True HEPA air filter.
  • The gas sensor automatically adjusts to the right filtration speed based on the surrounding air quality.
  • Built-in rechargeable battery lasts up to 10 hours on each charge; USB charging cable included
  • Small enough to fit in a backpack or nursery bag; measures 2.75 x 7.2 in (70 x 183 mm)
  • Includes 1 HEPA filter, which should be replaced every 3 months; Additional HEPA filters sold separately
  • E.P.A. registered device (E.P.A. Est. No. 99104-KOR-1)

08. Levoit Core Mini Air Purifier.

A three-stage filtration system is built into this little Levoit air purifier, which measures 6.5 by 6.5 by 10.4 inches. Pet fur, lint, hair, dust, and other big particles are captured by the system’s prefilter. To eliminate 99.97% of the particles, the air is subsequently passed through a H.E.P.A. filter. An activated carbon filter finally neutralizes fumes and odors.

In addition to the filtering mechanism, this model has a little aromatherapy pad that disperses essential oils throughout the room. The user can select scents.

However, some customers complain that the aromatherapy pad doesn’t emit a strong enough perfume. This device is a wonderful bedroom option because it operates at 25 dB on the lowest level. There are three fan speeds, and it has an Energy Star rating.


  • REFRESH & RELAX: If you struggle with allergies, low-quality sleep, congestion, or symptoms caused by pet dander, the Levoit Core Mini Air Purifier is ready to help you create a healthy space
  • MATTER OF MINUTES: Breathe freely and sleep better as the air purifier uses 360° VortexAir Technology 3.0 and 3-stage filtration to ensure top-notch air purification
  • QUIET OPERATION: Sleep soundly without loud rattling coming from your air purifier. This little air purifier keeps noise levels as low as 25dB while keeping your space fresh.
  • AROMATHERAPY: Struggling with pet odors or musty smells. Add a few drops of fragrant essential oils to the aroma pad to keep your space smelling great.
  • SAVE SPACE: Tired of dragging a bulky cleaner back and forth. Light, travel-friendly, and compact, the Levoit Core Mini Air Purifier (6.5 × 6.5 × 10.4 in) easily fits in any bedroom, office, or living room, creating less clutter and more fresh air.
  • TRAVEL FRIENDLY: Take this air purifier around the globe and experience traveling without needing a transformer. The 100–240V~ 50/60Hz input design only requires an adapter (included inside the air purifier)
  • ONE-BUTTON CONTROL: Tired of complicated machines. Cycle through 3 fan speeds, turn the air purifier on/off, and reset the Check Filter Indicator with one simple button.
  • GENUINE LEVOIT FILTERS: Only use genuine Levoit replacement parts to maintain the best performance (Search for Core Mini-RF or B09FK5PN4H). Off-brand filters are inconsistent, unreliable, and may damage the air purifier.
  • NOTE: The adapter is stored in the middle of the filter element inside the air purifier

09. Osimo Portable Air Purifier with HEPA Air Filter.

Pet dander, pet hair, and other big pollutants are the focus of the three-stage filtering system of the Osimo portable air purifier, which also features a spongy prefilter. In a 215-square-foot space, the spongy pre filter helps to reduce pet-related odors and allergens.

One button allows you to switch between the three fan speeds. A sleep mode that is the lowest setting operates quietly at 22 dB. Additionally, this type has simple filter replacement. Remove the filter by unscrewing the bottom. However, replacement filters for the Osimo could be hard to come by, and they frequently fill up quickly. The Osimo is portable and lightweight, with dimensions of 6.2 by 6.2 by 8.7 inches and a weight of 1.44 pounds, making it easy to transport.


  • 【Advanced 3 Stages Filtration】: This air purifier has a 3-stage filtration system, including a pre-filter, true HEPA filter, and activated carbon filter, which can remove 99.9% of air pollutants, like dust, pet dander, smoke, house odor, and particles as small as 0.3 microns and help you enjoy the fresh air at home. Unlike the negative ion purifiers, this HEPA air purifier has 100% no ozone with C.E., FCC, and ROHS certification to ensure safe use.
  • 【3 Fan Speeds and High-Performance】: The air purifiers have 3 modes to adjust the fan speed, including sleep mode, normal mode, and strong purification mode. You can choose different modes and fan speeds according to air quality and space size. The 360° strong purification mode makes for efficient air intake and exhaust, and it will quickly clean and release 51-150m/h of fresh air, which can improve air circulation and provide healthier air in your room.
  • 【Silent Tech and Easy Operation】: The bedroom air purifiers adopt advanced silent technology and noise reduction fan blade design. In sleep mode, its sound can be as low as 22dB to create a quiet and comfortable indoor environment that will not disturb your study, work, or sleep. Using the HEPA filter air purifier couldn’t be easier. Press the same button to turn it on/off or control the fan speed.
  • 【Portable and Sleek Design】: This portable air purifier has a compact size with an extended 4.9ft Type-C USB cable, which is portable enough to move from room to room. It is suitable for use in small areas within 215 sq. ft (20m³), such as the bedroom, office, kitchen, smoking areas, etc. This small air purifier uses a high-grade white matte shell and looks elegant and sleek, both practical and decorative.
  • 【Friendly Service】: We recommend that you need to replace the air filter every 6 months. Search B098NBBJ9T on Amazon to get the replacement filter. In addition, This HEPA air purifier will provide 2-year quality assurance and 60-day full money back. Please let us know if you have any questions, and we will provide you with professional and satisfactory solutions.

10. Pure Enrichment PureZone Mini Portable Air Purifier.

The USB-powered rechargeable lithium-ion battery in the Pure Enrichment PureZone Mini Portable Air Purifier has a 12-hour runtime on the lowest setting. It is simple to pack for travel by plane or vehicle because it only weighs less than a pound and is only 8.5 by 3.3 by 2.7 inches in size.

The design of this portable purifier is distinctive and adaptable. The carrying handle can be locked into the down position to utilize the air purifier either upright or on its side without obstructing airflow. To eliminate 99.97 percent of particles, the Pure Enrichment air purifier also has two layers of filtration, one of which is an activated carbon prefilter and the other of which is a H.E.P.A. filter. Users can set this adaptable portable H.E.P.A. air purifier’s five fan speeds following the room’s size and acceptable noise levels. Some customers claim that it lacks sufficient suction force for larger spaces.


  • 2-STAGE AIR PURIFICATION: Clean your air from 99.97% of dust, pollen, pet dander, smoke, and odors. Stage 1: Activated carbon pre-filter; Stage 2: True HEPA filter.
  • VERSATILE DESIGN: Whether upright or on its side, our innovative adjustable handle allows this portable air purifier to adapt to suit your needs
  • 5 FAN SPEEDS: Find your optimal fan settings with low, medium, and high options
  • IDEAL FOR TRAVEL: Weighing under 1 lb, this on-the-go small air purifier keeps your personal space clean for up to 12 hours (depending on fan speed) with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. At your final destination, plug it in for continued fresher air.
  • WHAT YOU GET: Portable air purifier, 2-in-1 filter, USB charging cable, and Pure Enrichment’s guaranteed 5-Year Warranty. Our customer support team provides daily quality service and peace of mind to millions worldwide from a brand you can trust. 

Mini Air Purifier Conclusion:

It is a fact that today, we breathe in polluted air. And with pollution on the rise, it is a wonder how people were able to live before the invention of environmental protection. So we have decided to create an article about mini air purifiers with our own humble opinion on them.”

With modern day technology, there are solutions for every problem. There are many different types of mini air purifiers that you can purchase from Amazon and choose from depending on your needs. For our concluding article, we will be looking at the best mini air purifier that you can purchase on Amazon, and how it compares to similar products.

**We found out that there are a lot of similar machines on the market. Why would someone pay for more than one? In today’s market – you can call it “savings”, but in reality – you are paying for a mini version of something that is more expensive.

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