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Outdoor Oscillating Fan Wall Mount: Best Way To Keep Your Home Cool

Outdoor Oscillating Fan Wall Mount

A cool wind feels magnificent blowing across your face on a sweltering summer day, and in the event that Nature isn’t conveying, you can partake in this little extravagance with the assistance of a wavering fan. Wavering basically alludes to a fan’s capacity to move this way and that, pushing air in more than one course across the room. The element is particularly useful in enormous spaces, however, any room that will in general get stodgy in your home, including storm cellars and austere washrooms.

Wavering fans arrive in various sizes and styles, going from little clasp on models that you can place in your vehicle to huge, wall-mounted units that make strong wind current. Regardless of which style you pick, however, you’re certain to be thankful for your buy during the hottest times of the year of summer.

What to Consider
Perhaps of the greatest choice you’ll need to make while purchasing a wavering fan is which style will work best in your home. Platform fans and pinnacle fans are commonly sufficiently enormous to cool a little room, while table fans give a breeze in a more modest range. There are likewise little battery-worked fans that can be utilized in a hurry, whether in your vehicle or joined to a carriage on a hot day.

Different elements you might need to consider while choosing a swaying fan incorporate how much air it moves, which is regularly estimated in cubic feet each moment (CFM), its speed settings, as well as other exceptional highlights. Many fans accompany a controller for comfort, and some could be associated with your Wi-Fi, permitting you to change the settings from your cell phone.

How We Chose
To make this rundown of the best wavering fans, we searched for an extensive variety of fan styles at various costs. During our exploration, we assessed each model for its size, speed settings, additional items highlights, and generally esteem, and the models we expound on all have essentially a 4-star rating from commentators. We likewise considered brand notoriety — choices from Vornado, Honeywell, and Dyson got it done — in addition to guarantee period and our very own encounters with select items.

Outdoor Oscillating Fan Wall Mount

Image Product Details   Price
Oscillating Fans Amazon Basics Oscillating Dual Blade Standing Pedestal Fan Brand: Amazon Basics
Color: Black
Electric fan design: Floor Fan
Power Source: Corded Electric
Style: Fan
Room Type: Bedroom
Check Price
Oscillating Fans Vornado 184 Whole Room Air Circulator Tower Fan Brand: Vornado
Color: Black
Electric fan design: Floor Fan
Power Source: Corded Electric
Check Price
Oscillating Fans Honeywell Turbo Force Oscillating Table Fan Brand: Unknown
Color: Black
Electric fan design: Table Fan
Power Source: Corded Electric
Style: Traditional
Room Type: Bedroom
Check Price
Oscillating Fans Tornado – 24 Inch High Velocity Indoor Oscillating Wall Mount Fan Brand: Tornado
Color: Silver/Black
Electric fan design: Table Fan
Power Source: Corded Electric
Room Type: Bedroom
Check Price
Oscillating Fans Dyson Cool AM07 Air Multiplier Tower Fan Brand: Dyson
Color: White/Silver
Electric fan design: Floor Fan
Power Source: Corded Electric
Room Type: Bedroom, Living Room
Check Price
Oscillating Fans Rowenta Outdoor Extreme Fan Brand: Rowenta
Color: Black
Electric fan design: Floor Fan
Power Source: Corded Electric
Check Price
Oscillating Fans Rowenta VU2531 Turbo Silence Oscillating 12-Inch Table Fan Brand: Rowenta
Color: Bronze
Electric fan design: Table Fan
Power Source: Manual
Style: 4-Speed
Check Price
Oscillating Fans Battery Operated Clip On Oscillating Desk Fan Brand: SkyGenius
Color: Black
Electric fan design: Table Fan
Power Source: Battery Powered
Room Type: Office, Bedroom
Check Price
Oscillating Fans Lasko FH500 Fan & Space Heater Combo Tower Brand: Lasko
Special Feature: Corded
Color: Black White
Indoor/Outdoor Usage: Indoor
Power Source: Corded Electric
Check Price
Oscillating Fans PELONIS Pedestal Fan Brand: PELONIS
Color: White
Electric fan design: Floor Fan
Power Source: Corded Electric
Style: Pedestal fan
Check Price

01. Amazon Basics Oscillating Dual Blade Standing Pedestal Fan

This platform style fan is an optimal choice for chilling off a medium or huge room. It includes a 16-inch head with double edges, and its level customizable base can be reached out to up to 53 inches. The fan has three velocities, as well as three breeze modes — nature, rest, and typical — and it moves air well because of its wide swaying.

This platform fan is controlled through a Drove show screen, and it likewise accompanies a controller. Its programmed turned down capability can be modified in 30-minute additions, and the head can likewise be shifted up or down. The principal disadvantage of this financial plan accommodating choice is the restricted remote reach.


  • 2-Blade oscillating pedestal fan with automatic oscillation and adjustable height and vertical angle
  • Engineered for whisper-quiet operation; High quality silent motor works at low noise level
  • 3 power settings, and 3 breeze modes (nature, sleep, normal) with wide oscillation for cooling medium to large rooms
  • Easy digital operation, auto on/off timer, and remote control for changing modes from across the room
  • 120 volt / 55 watt power consumption.

02. Vornado 184 Whole Room Air Circulator Tower Fan

Tower fans are famous due to their little impression, in addition to they’re somewhat subtle toward the side of a room.

This Vornado Pinnacle Fan is 41 inches tall and outfitted with a strong, effective engine that can push air up to 100 feet, making it valuable for huge spaces. It has four speed settings (a few clients say it’s clearly on the most noteworthy), which you can change on the fan’s top board or by means of remote.

Different features incorporate a solid base to assist with keeping it from tipping. a clock that can be set in increases one-to eight-hour increases, and an attractive support to store the remote.


  • V-FLOW TECHNOLOGY – Utilizes Vornado’s signature V-Flow Technology to provide complete circulation of all the air in a room. Unique crosscut outlet create a wide span of constant airflow, eliminating the need for a wobbly oscillating base.
  • MOVES AIR FURTHER – Powerful motor produces higher volume of air movement and pushes air up to 100 feet. Blade Diameter-4.039.5 inch Logo color may vary.
  • ENERGY SAVING TIMER – Choose from 1, 2, 4, or 8 hour timer to ensure you run your tower circulator in an efficient, energy-saving way.
  • SIMPLE CONTROLS – Push-button controls allow you to select from 4 speed settings, and a remote control that magnetically cradles at the top of the unit provides additional convenience.
  • SUPERIOR SUPPORT — When you choose a Vornado Tower Fan, you’re investing in superior performance and design that will deliver total satisfaction. If not, we’ll replace it, for 5 years.
  • Built to meet U. S. voltage requirements. Certified, safety-tested, and warrantied for use only in the U. S.

03. Honeywell Turbo Force Oscillating Table Fan

This top rated table fan from Honeywell is a top decision for flowing air in more modest spaces. It’s intended to be put on top of a table, work area, or other raised surface, with a head that turns up to 90 degrees and 110-degree-max swaying.

Notwithstanding its little size, this fan can push air up to 27 feet, and it’s supposed to be 25% calmer than comparable size fans. While it’s financial plan cordial, the absence of a remote might be a dealbreaker for some.


  • Nullify
  • Imported
  • SMALL FAN FOR TABLE OR FLOOR: The Honeywell Turbo Force Air Circulator Fan has 3 speeds & a 90 degree pivoting head. This quiet fan is compact enough for on a table or wall mount & powerful enough to help provide comfortable cooling in small-medium rooms.
  • FEEL THE POWER: Honeywell’s TurboForce line of fans have an aerodynamic turbo design to maximize air movement, offering the power for intense cooling or energy-saving air circulation. The ease of a small fan with power you can feel from 27 feet away!
  • INCREASE YOUR COMFORT: Using fans for air circulation in your home can help increase your comfort, and help reduce energy costs as well. Honeywell carries a range of tower fans, floor fans, and oscillating fans – find one for every room in the house.
  • HONEYWELL FANS: The right fan helps cool you off & improves airflow in your room or home. Give your air conditioner & wallet a break by using fans to help reduce your energy consumption & costs. Honeywell carries a variety of fans to meet your home needs.
  • HONEYWELL QUALITY: Help improve air circulation & energy savings in your home, bedroom or office with Honeywell fans.

04. Tornado – 24 Inch High Velocity Indoor Oscillating Wall Mount Fan

This wall-mounted fan from Tornado is the best choice for creating a strong airflow in your garage or office. There are three speed options for the 24-inch fan, with the highest setting moving air at an astonishing 7,200 CFM. The grille has a rust-resistant surface and is comprised of steel and aluminum for durability.

Once mounted, this fan has a head tilt range of 25 degrees up or down and a 70 degree left to right oscillation. Although it doesn’t have a remote, you probably won’t need to turn it off from the couch or bed because it’s intended for more industrial situations, making the price point difficult for some people to accept.


  • The Tornado 24’’ Pro Wall Fan provides refreshing airflow without taking up valuable floor space in any setting. Ideal for industrial, commercial, covered patio, warehouse, and factory stations. Not graded for outdoor use.
  • Made from durable aluminum and powder coated steel construction, rust-resistant grille. Premium ball bearing motor. Extra-long 6.6 FT SJT power cord. 1.5 AMPS, 1100 RPM, 7600 CFM, 120V, 185 Watts, 60 Hz, 1/4 HP. Meets OSHA and UL507 standards, UL Safety listed. 1 Year Limited Warranty.
  • Air delivery with 3 speed settings 7600/6750/6050 CFM. With a heavy duty thermally protected direct drive open air over ball bearing motor. 70 degrees left and right oscillation, and allows fixed head positioning, 25 degrees vertical tilting angle. 69 Decibels maximum.
  • Easy assembly and use. New frustration free packaging and easy assembly you will be using your new fan as quickly as you open the box.Need 3 of expansion bolts (M8x80) to hang it on the concrete or metal rack.Not recommended on the wood wall.
  • Tornado’s new technology reduces the noise level making it one of the quietest metal fans on the market. Customer satisfaction is our priority. We will take care of any issues with our products guaranteed. Feel free to email us any time with any concerns.

05. Dyson Cool AM07 Air Multiplier Tower Fan

If you don’t mind spending a little more money on a high-tech fan, the Dyson Cool AM07 boasts a stylish bladeless design and several practical features.

With 10 speed settings—significantly more than most oscillating fans—and a height of just under 40 inches, the tower-style fan is quieter and draws less electricity than models of a comparable size. Additionally, because there are no grills or blades to dust, its blade-free design is safer for children and pets. It’s also simpler to clean.

The unit’s stylish remote is magnetized so it can be stored right on the fan itself. It has an LED display screen where you can set a sleep timer for anything between 15 minutes and nine hours.


  • Dyson fans use patented Air Multiplier technology to create a powerful stream of uninterrupted airflow without fast-spinning blades making it safe for children, pets and during cleaning
  • 2 year parts & labor warranty when purchased from an authorized reseller
  • Dyson fans are quiet and powerful while being safe and easy to clean
  • Features include sleep timer which can be programmed to turn off after preset intervals ranging from 15 minutes to nine hours
  • Remote control has the choice of 10 precise airflow settings. The remote is curved and magnetized to store neatly on the machine.

06. Rowenta Outdoor Extreme Fan

With the help of this outdoor fan from Rowenta, you can comfortably rest on your porch or patio. The pedestal-style construction is totally weatherproof and comes with a waterproof motor, materials that are UV-resistant, and an outdoor-rated plug. Utilizing the long-range remote control or the LED display panel, you may change the fan’s settings. It has three speeds and three operation modes.

With five locking wheels attached to its base and integrated cable storage on the back, the fan is also portable and stable. The fan head oscillates 90 degrees, and the device has an integrated timer that will turn off automatically every one to eight hours.


  • Weather resistant design: Waterproof motor & fan, uv protected plastic material, and outdoor electrical outlet are designed for a successful functioning in any weather conditions.
  • Silent and powerful: Silent turbine technology with powerful airflow.
  • Long distance remote control: Long distance remote control for your convenience
  • 3 fan speeds and 3 modes: 3 fan speeds (low, medium, high) and 3 versatile modes (outdoor, natural, sleep mode) for effective cooling the way you like it.
  • Portable and stable: 5 wheels with security lock system
  • Programmable : 4 timer options with auto shut off
  • Digital LED display: Easy to use with digital LED display
  • Cord storage in the back
  • 90 degree oscillation.

07. Rowenta VU2531 Turbo Silence Oscillating 12-Inch Table Fan

Because it performs silently at 38 decibels on its lowest setting, the Rowenta Turbo Silence Table Fan is a great choice for your bedroom or office. This 12-inch table fan has five blades and delivers airflow up to 1,695 CFM, which is incredibly powerful for its size. It comes in a variety of finishes. Additionally, its head can tilt up to 90 degrees in each direction, enabling you to precisely direct airflow.

Additionally, there are four speeds, which is more than most pedestal or table fans offer. However, there is no remote control, so you must adjust the speed manually.


  • POWERFUL AIRFLOW – Delivers exceptionally strong airflow (up to 1695 Cu. Ft./min) for immediate, intense sensation of cool air
  • 4-SPEED SETTINGS – 12″ oscillating head and easy-to-use manual control dial
  • 5 BLADES – Uniquely engineered blades for extra-powerful, ultra-quiet performance
  • QUIET OPERATION – Noise ranks from 38 to 55 dB, which equals noise levels recorded in a library
  • CARRY HANDLE – Built-in handle for easy, comfortable transport
  • 4-speed desk fan with 12-inch oscillating head and manual control dial
  • 5 uniquely engineered blades for extra-powerful, ultra-quiet performance
  • Moves air up to 1,695 cubic feet per minute for immediate, intense sensation of cool air
  • Noise ranks from 38 to 55 decibels, which equals noise levels recorded in a library
  • Built-in handle for easy transport; extra stable base; sleek bronze finish.

08. Battery Operated Clip On Oscillating Desk Fan

This battery-operated clip-on fan is perfect for attaching to a headboard or side table up to 1.3 inches thick, and you’ll be pleased you have it this summer when you’re on the go. It rotates 350 degrees both vertically and horizontally and may oscillate up to 90 degrees.

Its stepless speed control, which allows you to tune it to a range of settings with the control dial, is one of its best features. Additionally, the fan may be charged using a USB cable when the battery is getting low (though keep in mind it can take up to 4 hours to fully juice up).


  • Longer Working Time & Fast Recharge: Built-in 5000 mAh rechargeable battery, large capacity and long working hours. 5V/2A adapter is recommended for fast recharge/4-4.5hours for full recharge.(Charging cable included)
  • Desktop/Clip on Design & Auto Oscillation: Can be put or clip on anywhere you want, can clip on objective of thickness within 1.3inches. 350 degree vertical and horizontal rotation, also with a genius function of auto oscillation of 90 degree(One click control).
  • Powerful & Stepless Speed Regulation: High quality brushless motor, max wind speed 10.5ft/s, high speed and lower noise (≤40dB), the speed can be stepless regulated even when powered by USB.
  • Portable : 8.26*5.7*3.7 inches compact size, lightweight, portable and handy. Perfect for home and office, bedroom, laptop, gym workout, car backseat, outdoors, camping, trips, traveling etc.
  • Aroma Difusser Function: Attached with aroma foam, can add essential oil if in need. Any problem, please feel free to contact us, we will get back to you within 24 hours.

09. Lasko FH500 Fan & Space Heater Combo Tower

This tower unit from Lasko performs two jobs: it works as a fan in the summer and a backup heater in the chilly winter. The 42-inch tall fan has four fan speeds, an optional oscillation feature, a tiny footprint, and an unobtrusive design.

This device has three separate settings, ranging from 900 to 1,500 watts, for use as heat. A thermostat with adjustment is also present.

Other features include a built-in timer, a multifunction remote control, and an automatic shut-off feature in the event that the device tips over. With only 350 CFM, this option isn’t the best if you’re searching for a heat-cool combo fan with the power to move air at a high velocity.


  • FAN & HEATER IN ONE – Powered by a 3-speed 1500 watt ceramic heater and 4 quiet fan speeds, this oscillating tower is great for all-season indoor home use. It not only heats up a room fast to keep you warm & toasty on cold winter days & nights, but also creates excellent air circulation to help you beat the heat when it’s hot & humid outdoors.
  • BUILT IN SAFETY FEATURES – Tip-Over Safety Switch and Overheat Protection take the worry out of using this electric plug-in hybrid heater for long periods of time. The self-contained, self-regulating ceramic heating element helps keep the exterior cool to the touch. ETL Listed.
  • A REAL SPACE SAVER – Standing 42 in. tall with a small 13” x 13” footprint, the sleek, dual purpose vertical design is best for apartments with limited storage. Because it’s 2 units in 1, you can use the stand fan/heater year-round without sacrificing space, air circulation, comfort or style.
  • SLEEP LIKE A BABY – Perfectly sized to aim over a high bed to circulate the air so you can get some rest. Powerful enough to blow across the bedroom and creates just the right amount of white noise at bedside for sleeping.
  • EASY TO USE – Simple base assembly requires no tools. Easy to clean filter keeps the unit running efficiently. Lightweight and portable. Comes with built-in carry handle, optional oscillation, energy efficient adjustable digital thermostat and 8-hr programmable timer and a remote control for when you don’t feel like getting up to change the settings.
  • TRUSTED FOR GENERATIONS – Lasko has been making quality products for over 100 years. The FH500 is backed by a 3-Year limited so you can be confident it will provide comfort & relief in the living room, basement, kitchen, garage, home office, dorm or anywhere else in the house for years to come.
  • Voltage: 120 volts.

10. PELONIS Pedestal Fan

You can get wind stream precisely where you want it with this platform fan, which can be changed somewhere in the range of 3.5 and 4 feet, in addition to it includes a level flexible base. There are three speed settings to browse, and it sways up to 85 degrees, with a head that slants up to 24 degrees for much more customization.

The Pelonis fan accompanies a controller and furthermore has a seven-hour programmable clock, alongside auto-shutoff on the off chance that it overheats. It’s positively very much evaluated thinking about its elements, however it isn’t particularly peaceful at maximum velocity.


  • NEW VERSION: Upgraded Pelonis pedestal fan is equipped with a more powerful motor and high-quality blades, it makes cooling more efficient and energy-saving. This standing fan with 3 speed settings and 7-hour timer with Auto Shut-off for wide area cooling in medium to large rooms. It generates strong airflow to boost the cooling effect while operating at a low noise level in any room in your home.
  • WIDE ANGLE OSCILLATION: The 85° wide oscillation angle provides versatility for personal or the entire family’s use. The direction of the airflow could aim anywhere between the floor and the ceiling through tilting the angle of fan head. The wide-angle oscillation can accelerate air circulation and quickly cool the room in your home helping to increase your comfort.
  • ADJUSTABLE & EASY TO USE: The user-friendly front operation panel and remote control makes it possible to obtain full range control over our product, and provides a unique and customizable experience. The height of the fan can be adjusted between 3.5 to 4 feet and the tilt-back head allows you direct the airflow where you need it to provide comfort throughout your home or office.
  • DURABLE & SAFE: The sturdy base provided additional stability for the fan during its operation. The built-in overheat protection automatically switches the fan off when the motor overheats.